7 Unexpected Jobs for Those Who Want to Make A Difference


For many of us, our jobs aren’t just somewhere that we go every day to earn enough money to survive. They’re more important than that. We like to feel like we are making a difference in people’s lives, improving the world and having a positive impact.

We all have different sets of skills and not every job is suited to everyone, however, there are many different jobs that you can do that can make a difference. Obvious careers like nursing and teaching aren’t always what someone would be good at – or enjoy – but worry not, there are plenty of other jobs that you can do which can also make a difference to the world.

So, if you’re not cut out for a job which would traditionally ‘make a difference’, here are seven unexpected jobs that you could consider:

Water Treatment Worker

The treatment of water to ensure that it is clean and safe to drink is extremely important in keeping society healthy. Water is one of the basics in life and we need people who can help to maintain our water systems. As a water treatment worker, you would usually ensure that water is clean and safe as well as make sure that waste is properly dealt with through sewage systems or septic tanks.

This not only helps society in general. According to Tanks For Everything, septic tanks can help ‘protect your living environment by ensuring water quality,’ making it safer to drink, especially for those living in more rural areas.

Ethics Officer

An ethics officer will usually work within a company to ensure that they are following ethical processes and business practices. You would help to set codes of ethics and rules, and procedures as well as make sure that they were being properly implemented by both individuals in the business as well as the company as a whole.

You would be involved in any issues such as harassment, labour, discrimination, and trust. As an ethics officer, you might not notice a change straight away but people would feel your impact when they need people.

Youth Development Coordinator

If you are working as a youth development coordinator would work with young people to help them with three areas in their life – engagement with their parents, their employability and living a healthy lifestyle.

You can use your own specific strengths to help young people – whether it is arts, sport, or music, for example. By helping younger people now, you can give them a good foundation for their lives in the future.


A job in law and justice means that you can do your part to ensure that people get treated fairly by the system. Whether you train to be a lawyer or just work in the field of law, you can help people who have been wronged, and help people who have been accused of doing something wrong to get appropriate punishment.

In law, you can earn good money, but you can also offer your services on a pro bono basis, meaning that you will be helping people without making a profit from your skills.

Care Worker

The population is becoming increasingly reliant on care workers – whether you are helping people with special needs or the elderly. A care worker can make all the difference in their lives, enabling people to carry out activities that they enjoy, making life more comfortable for them, giving their families respite, or even just giving important company.

As a care worker, you will usually work for a care company or the NHS, and the job may often require travelling from client to client or live-in care if you prefer. It can be hard work, but if you are looking for a job that would change people’s lives, this could be a great option.

Working in a Charity

For a charity to run smoothly and be able to help its cause, they need a range of people, from accountants to marketers, to cleaners. You can use your own skills to become part of a team that makes a charity successful, and able to do the job that it is intended for.

This means that whatever skills you might have, you can be part of a team that makes a difference.


Having a job is something that can change someone’s life. For a person who has spent time with no work, having a job means that they have more control over their life, more options, often improved mental health and a more sociable life – amongst other benefits.

If you are looking for a job that can help individuals and make a difference in their life, helping them to find work is a great place to start. You will also be helping the economy to grow by aiding businesses to prosper.

Society is a rich tapestry of people with their own needs and many jobs that we do can help to contribute to a positive world. By thinking about what your own strengths are, you can make a difference in the way that is best suited to you.

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