4 Careers for People Who Love Planning and Organizing


Are you the planner and organizer among your friend group? Do you love the feeling of making sure everything is on track? If so, you are likely to flourish in a career that challenges you to think ahead and get stuff done. Here are four career options that may be a perfect fit for any organized and highly-motivated person.

1. Human Resources

If multitasking and working with people sounds right up your alley, you could make a great human resources specialist. A skilled human resources specialist must be confident working with employees in various capacities, including hiring, training, and leadership development. Working in human resources also requires an individual to be competent with management and oversight. Other job responsibilities might include managing payroll, handling compensation claims, conducting workplace investigations, and ensuring that your company complies with federal laws. Finally, one of the most crucial aspects of this job is keeping the company moving in the right direction. As a human resources specialist, you must strive to implement strategies that help the organization attain its goals.

2. Real Estate Agent

Buying and selling property requires a significant amount of planning, attention to detail, and forethought. As a real estate agent, you will keep everything in order, so your clients do not have to worry. Agents must compile lists of properties, have firsthand knowledge of markets trends and neighborhoods, and correctly handle all of the paperwork that comes with a property transaction. Furthermore, if home-organizing is also your forte, you can help to arrange homes for showings. This job is great for those who love organization in all its forms.

3. Supply Chain Management

Organizational skills are a must-have for those working in supply chain management. A supply chain manager coordinates the logistical details of a company. In this position, you will manage inventory, negotiate vendor contracts, determine shipping arrangements, and more. This job is all about prompt and effective communication combined with an ability to establish innovative distribution solutions. A successful supply chain manager can help a company avoid product shortages and operate in an efficient, low-cost manner.

4. Event Planner

From business conferences to weddings, an event planner does it all. They arrange bookings for facilities, catering, and entertainment, while also managing smaller event details such as décor, menu options, or guest lists. This position requires someone who is comfortable working within a strict deadline. With such a large number of tasks to be completed, prioritization and delegation are of utmost importance. It is an additional advantage if you are confident that you can make an event spectacular on any budget.

These are just a few great ways to utilize your organizing abilities in a fun and rewarding career. No matter what path you choose, planning and organization are incredibly beneficial skills that will help you add value to any workplace.

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