Meet Chantal Bechervaise


Chantal is originally from Montreal, Quebec but is now located in The Hague, Netherlands.

Her passion and enthusiasm for everything to do with the Human Resources, Workplace Culture, Engagement, Leadership, and Social Media is contagious. Just spend 5 minutes speaking with her and you will feel ready to conquer something new.

Chantal is a life long learner with a strong thirst for knowledge. She has experience working in the private, non-profit and public sector. She blogs about everything related to the World of Work including HR, Workplace Culture, Leadership, Social Media, and Technology.

Chantal is a self proclaimed geek. She loves science fiction and among her favorites are Firefly, Battlestar Galatica, and Doctor Who. And she loves TECH GADGETS!!!

Chantal also enjoys spending time outdoors with her family! Connecting with nature is an important part of feeling truly happy, finding and discovering yourself and unplugging from a hectic and busy world.

Chantal also enjoys all forms of motorsports but particularly F1.

Reach out to Chantal today if you are interested in promoting your brand, or if you have other sponsorship opportunites.