Guest Post: Be Here Now by @TheMoodElevator

Guest Post: Be Here Now by @TheMoodElevator

Staying present, focused and in the now is something that I am working at this year. I am trying to be more intentional and live better. The Mood Elevator is by far one of my favorite books of 2017 so far! The lessons in the book are helping me to stay focused, build better relationships and create more success! I am thrilled to have a guest post from the author, Dr. Larry Senn below. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Awareness Is The Key

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Being Progressive In Modern Business

Being Progressive In Modern Business

The Internet provides many benefits to a business. It gives you a place to sell your goods, without having to open a physical store to do it. It enables you to reach out to more customers, without expanding your business. And, of course, it also helps you to find and buy better stock from across the world. But, with all the good it can do, the Internet can also have a negative impact on your business. Unlike in the past, companies are now accountable for the way they treat those working with them. Customers will be able to see if you’ve done something bad in the past and will avoid buying from you if others have been left unhappy. To help you with this, this post will be teaching you how to build your business into a progressive one.

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It’s Time To Take Your Career To The Next Level

 It's Time To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Are you ready to move forward along your career path? You have to be careful that you don’t stay in the same place at the exact same level for too long. Otherwise, you’ll find it’s years later, and you’re still in the same job you started when you left school. So, how can you give your career a boost every now and then?

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A Gentle Soul: Career Ideas For Those That Care

A Gentle Soul: Career Ideas For Those That Care

When thinking about a new career, most people look towards their hobbies and interests to guide them into something they can love. Of course, this sort of method is great, as it will fulfill more than one part of your life. But, it isn’t the only way to conduct your hunt. Taking into account things you enjoy along with your key personality traits is also a very good method. For this post, the focus will be on those with a caring and gentle nature, and those who want to help others. These sorts of roles aren’t for everyone, but, for those that enjoy them, they can be extremely rewarding.

There are loads of jobs which cater to this sort of person. From helping the elderly and vulnerable to the young who are just starting out in life. Whichever you choose, one of your key duties will be to care for those you work with, giving them independence or keeping them from trouble. Below, you can find some examples of jobs in this field.

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More Pain Than Gain: What to do to Improve Your Work Life

More Pain Than Gain: What to do to Improve Your Work Life

We all have a work life and a home life. If one of those is causing us stress, it can make our lives feel far worse and less enjoyable. That’s probably not what you want. So, here’s how you can improve your work life if it’s starting to feel like more pain than gain. There is no need for you to just accept a situation that you’re not happy with.  We spend so much time working that the environment that we work in is so important. Read on to learn more.
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Guest Post: The Business of Sustainable Wine: Restaurants and Retailers Making It a Priority

Guest Post: The Business of Sustainable Wine: Restaurants and Retailers Making It a Priority

More wine retail shops, grocery chains, hotels and restaurants are making sustainable procurement of wine a priority. Some independent wine and spirits shops are focusing the majority of their wine inventory on sustainable, organic, and biodynamic wines.

One of the largest hotel and restaurant proponents of sustainable wines is Kimpton Hotels, which has committed to having at least 30 percent of all wine lists at their hotels and restaurants include eco-friendly selections. Kimpton has also created a happy-hour program that features sustainable wines, including Flip-flop wines, owned by The Wine Group, and also Wente Family Estates, which dedicates a portion of their sales to social causes.

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A Business Without Its Own Personality Is Sure To Fail

A Business Without Its Own Personality Is Sure To Fail

People don’t buy products, they buy people. This old business adage might not be as true as it used to be because there is less face to face customer interaction these days. However, it is still useful advice. It’s true that customers are going to choose based on product, to begin with, but it’s the personality of the business and its employees that will keep them coming back time and time again. That’s why it’s important to inject a little bit of your own personality into the business. You might be thinking that it’s harder to do that now because so many of your sales are online and the customer never comes face to face with you, but social media has filled that void. Customers interact with your business in new ways so you still need to make sure that you are interesting and real, rather than coming across like a faceless company. If you think your company is a bit stale, try these tips to help your personality come through in all of your business interactions.

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