You Need to do More to Become a Better Business Owner

You Need to do More to Become a Better Business Owner

Becoming a better business leader and owner is about accepting what’s best for the company. This is something you will need to think carefully about. Do as much as you can to improve yourself, and the business will grow with you.

Understand You Need Help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, and you must never think that it is. Consider the quote ‘Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak, only that you’re wise’. There are areas of business that you’re going to need help with. That is unavoidable. It is next to impossible to be an expert in everything. So you need to make sure you do as much as you can to get this help and improve your situation.

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Creative Ways To Land A Great Career

Creative Ways To Land A Great Career

The job market has improved a lot over the last couple of years or so. According to recent government statistics, the rate of unemployment is roughly back to where it was before the crisis – around 5 percent. Thus, there’s reason for workers to be hopeful that things will soon improve.

However, the job market, as ever, remains super competitive. There’s still a lot more people chasing jobs than there are jobs to fill. And this means that some savvy job seekers are getting smarter with the way they’re approaching their search. Job seekers are now being more innovative and using different mediums in interesting ways (such as social media), trying to get the attention of hiring managers. So what are they doing from the average job seeker?

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Why Your Growing Business Needs Better Phone Systems (What to Choose and Why)

Why Your Growing Business Needs Better Phone Systems (What to Choose and Why

Whether you’re a business leader looking for an improved phone system that’ll keep your company on the cutting edge, a human resources professional dealing with numerous complaints from employees about the company’s current outdated phone system or just someone interested in the latest technologies for business telecommunications, keep reading.

When it comes to technology, it’s especially important for a growing company to have better phone systems. Now is a great time to upgrade!

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Ease Your Employees’ Worries By Increasing Health & Safety

Ease Your Employees' Worries By Increasing Health & Safety

As a boss, you have to understand what you can do to get the most out of your employees. How can you increase morale and productivity in the workplace? Well, one of the best things to do is to work toward easing worries they might have. A lot of people might be concerned about how safe they are going to be at work. This is not going to be good for productivity. So, you need to increase health and safety in order to allay these fears. A safe work environment helps with overall company culture too.

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Sponsored Post: The DYMO® LabelWriter™ 450 Bundle From Staples Canada

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Newell Rubbermaid®. The opinions and texts are all mine.

Sponsored Post: The DYMO® LabelWriter™ 450 Bundle From Staples Canada

I was recently asked by DYMO® to share my experience and some unique tips about their DYMO® LabelWriter™ 450 Bundle from Staples Canada as I love to stay organized at work and at home. Staying organized helps to keep me productive and on track with projects, to-do lists and my goals.

I was excited when DYMO® approached me to help show you how easy and convenient their products are. I chose the DYMO® LabelWriter™ 450 Bundle from Staples Canada as it provides the versatility I need for work and home. I use it to create shipping labels, file folder labels and more! DYMO® also offers a DYMO® LabelManager™ 160P label maker which is portable and convenient wherever you may need to use it to stay more organized.

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Project Management Tools and Techniques for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

Project Management Tools and Techniques for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

You’re a small business, maybe even an entrepreneur, and you think you don’t need project management tools. But you are wrong.

Maybe “need” is too strong a word, but certainly, no matter how small the business, you can benefit from learning project management techniques.

How project management can help you

Every small business tackles projects, from upgrades to major tasks. Small businesses run lean and mean, and project management techniques can help you bring that project in more efficiently, lower cost, shorter timeline to completion, and fewer headaches.

And that’s welcome in any size business.

Once you start tracking your projects in a software application, you can see trends, find out easily where you’re bogging down in costs or personnel, and where your team shines. This lets you become more competitive and helps your organization run smoothly. And you become better able to assess your project.

Have I sold you?

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5 Ways Your Company is Turning Off Promising Employees

5 Ways Your Company is Turning Off Promising Employees

High employee turnover is, as ever, a pressing concern for HR executives globally. When an employee decides to leave, the department is forced to readjust. A replacement needs to be hired and trained and there is an inevitable loss of productivity as the employee gets up to speed.

On top of this, rehiring places a significant financial strain on a company that is best avoided. In Canada, it has been estimated that these costs can add up to around 40% of the employee’s salary, with an average cost of $18,000. In America, a study carried out by the Center for American Progress concluded that recruitment costs can range from anywhere between 16% for unsalaried employees to a staggering 213% for a highly trained position. In the UK, an Oxford Economics study shows that the cost of rehiring is, on average, £30,614 per employee.

If your company is experiencing less than desirable levels of turnover, you need to begin to ask yourself some pertinent questions. What is it about your organization, and the way it is being run, that is putting off talented employees? How can you select and hire the employees that best suit your company? How can you keep your employees content and engaged so as to avoid the laborious and exhausting recruitment process?

Check out the list below to see if you are inadvertently the cause of your own problems and how they can be avoided.
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