Best Places To Tie The Knot In Tagaytay, Philippines


Apart from being one of the best leisure and staycation spots in the Philippines, Tagaytay is considered as a great place to tie the knot. Tagaytay possesses that unmistakable aura which makes couples choose a place to be married there. And so the city at the ridge became one of the most famous locations to say “I do”.

If you are engaged and searching for a venue for the wedding, then why not take your search to Tagaytay? There are wedding places that will gladly accommodate you and host this momentous occasion in your life. Check out these best places to tie the knot in Tagaytay.


Antonio’s Tagaytay gives you the perfect balance of delicious food and a homey ambiance. It’s a restaurant like no other. This restaurant has an area called Garden Greens that hosts weddings among other events. Garden Greens is usually booked for special occasions and is mostly fully-booked during the year’s fairer seasons. It’s one of the perfect wedding venues for couples who wish to have a dreamy garden wedding.

Tagaytay Highlands

Amidst the stunning natural background, picturesque skies and mountains, and the most luxurious Tagaytay condominiums, Tagaytay Highlands is another terrific venue for a wedding. What makes it even better is that there are a couple of churches within the property. The Holy Family chapel located at The Highlands and the Madre de Dios Chapel at The Midlands.

They also host garden weddings at their own venue at the Midlands Lawn at The Country Club Trellis Deck.

Hacienda Solange

Hacienda Solange has a purely simple concept of a “vacation home away from home.” A laidback nature-filled resort complete with two swimming pools, one big and one small, and a wonderful ambiance. The open area is also good for sunbathing and barbecue grilling. A wedding venue and a reception area in one nice open place.

Fernwood Gardens

Fernwood Gardens is one of those wedding spaces that just embody sophistication. Sitting atop the ridge it has access to an unbelievable view of the Taal Lake. This venue draws its ambiance from the thick vegetation, the variety of vivid flowers, and its overall classy motif. They have three magnificent venues to choose from namely the Mozart Garden, Vivaldi Garden, and the Schubert Garden.

Mahogany Place

Compared to other staple wedding venues in Tagaytay, Mahogany Place is relatively the newer player to the wedding venue scene around the area. They feature a well-kept lawn and a Tuscan inspired garden which gives off that peaceful, modest, yet elegant vibe. Their main wedding venue is the Gazebo which is an intimate place for your guests but if you prefer a wider space then you can have the ceremony at the Tuscan Garden.

Sonya’s Garden

Probably the most effortless yet still one of the most beautiful venues in the city. They also are arguably the most cost-effective choice, since they are sourced by the abundance of their surroundings. Everything from their flowers to their buffet options is gathered from nature itself. Certainly the most suitable venue for environmentalist couples out there.

These are the best places to get married in Tagaytay. You’ll notice that most venues are surrounded by nature because of the land area they occupy. To think that your dream wedding can happen in any of these places is paradise-like and a good opportunity in itself to be one with nature and the love of your life.

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