Top five record-breaking Roulette facts and wins


As one of the most popular casino games of all time, it’ll come as no surprised that Roulette has made a name for itself when it comes to breaking records! Some people out there are just lucky, and on a handful of occasions, they’ve brought that luck with them to the Roulette table. What’s more, even casino employees have begun lending their hand to holding records surrounding the game, as you’ll find out later.

Keep reading as we give you details on some of the wildest wins and records in Roulette history!

Record #1 – The biggest Roulette table.

In 2019, a casino in Jounieh, Lebanon, created the largest Roulette table that’s ever been seen, at a place called Casino Du Liban. This casino is a lavish affair to start with, with opulent and decadent furnishings and a stunning coastal city view. Prior to its discovery, the table was actually built back in 2017, although the manufacturers were unaware that it was set to hold a world record! Staying true to its rich reputation, Casino Du Liban is also the home of the biggest interactive ceiling Roulette, which, as you can imagine, involves some seriously intricate and layered mechanics, but allows players to enjoy an entirely unique way to play their favourite game.

Get a closer look at the staggering table here:

Record #2 – The hardest working croupier.

Now onto a more extreme record, when it comes to human endurance. In 2005, Intan Pragi, a professional Estonian croupier, made a name for himself by holding the world record for spinning the Roulette wheel the most amount of times! He was working at the Olympic Casino at the time in Estonia, so they can proudly say their tables have been graced by a legend! Within just 48 hours, Pragi had spun the Devil’s wheel more than 1,650 times, going on to win the Guinness world record for the longest marathon croupier shift.

Record #3 – Biggest celebrity win.

Whilst you may know Mike Ashley best for being the former owner of the Newcastle United Football Club and a billionaire entrepreneur, but in some places, he is known only by his incredible win on the Roulette tables! In 2008, Ashley hit the casinos and won a whopping £1,300,000 in total, although with a small deduction he only actually pocketed £820,000 – our heart breaks for him, honestly! Rich people struggles, eh?

Record #4 – Most repeated number in one game.

Back in 2012, the number 19 was officially crowned the hottest Roulette number of all time! This record was set at the legendary Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the sequence being broken only once by the number 15. The white ball settled on the number 19 a whopping seven times in a row, with many onlookers suspecting that the table had been rigged. This was later disproved, and the phenomenon was simply put down to sheer coincidence!

Record #5 – Most repeated colour in one game.

Staying on the same vein, there’s also been a record set for the most times that a particular colour has been a winner on the wheel. Going all the way back to the 20th century, in 1923 an American casino saw the little white ball settle in a red pocket 32 times in a row! A feat that had never been seen before and, yet again, made players suspect foul play. But, of course, it was all above board, and red was just feeling rather hot that night!

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