4 Ways Your Business Can Start Recycling More


Businesses need to do their part with recycling. If you want to do better than ever with this, then you can follow these four tips. Use them to feel better about what your business is doing for the earth.

Set Up a Well-Organized Recycling Area

One of the best ways to encourage the people working for you to recycle more often is to have a dedicated space for recyclable materials. Keep it organized so that everyone knows where to toss their water bottles, cardboard, and paper recyclables. Get bins that are large enough to hold everything, and you will feel good as you see them slowly fill up.

Offer Incentives to Those Who Recycle

If you feel the need to do more beyond giving employees a nice place to put their recyclables, then offer incentives to those who do the most recycling. Make it a competition between different floors or various groups of workers. Give them small rewards, such as a reusable water bottle, or something a bit more exciting, like some cash. Give weekly, monthly, and quarterly prizes, and everyone will get into recycling.

Do Research on What Is Recyclable

You need to be educated on what is recyclable so that you can put the right things in the bins. Stop buying some of the products that come in containers that cannot be recycled. Learn which types of metal can be recycled and find the place where you can take your metal recycling. The more you learn about what you can put in the recycling bins, and the more you learn about various places that take the recycling, the better you will feel about how you are doing your part. 

Have Goals in Mind for the Recycling

It is good to set goals and challenges for your employees, and it is also good to set goals for the business as a whole. Try for a certain number of pounds of recyclable materials each month. Try to see how little waste you can have when you are focused on this. Make goals that encourage your business to be greener in all it does.

It is good to recycle as much as you can. Recycling takes a bit more effort than tossing something in the trash but is always worth it. Start having better habits with your business, and you might encourage others to start doing more with recycling, as well.

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