5 Tips To Help Enforce Recycling at Your Company


Recycling plays an important role in our society, but it can be difficult to get employees on board with the idea. It’s not always easy for a boss to tell their staff what they should and shouldn’t do in their personal life, so enforcing recycling at your company might seem like an uphill battle. But don’t despair. Recycling is more common than you think, and here are five ways that you can help enforce recycling at your workplace.

Make it Easy for Employees To Recycle

If you want your employees to recycle, make it as easy for them as possible. Provide recycling bins in every office and common area, and ensure they’re clearly labeled. If there are any rules or guidelines about recycling, post them prominently near the recycling bins. Don’t forget that recycling begins at home! If your employees bring recyclable items to work, make sure they have a place to store them in the office.

Hold Regular Meetings About Recycling

If you want to encourage your employees to recycle, they must understand why. They might not know how much of an impact recycling has on the environment because they haven’t been adequately informed. When you hold a meeting at work, ensure everyone knows exactly what happens when their used paper or old water bottles are recycled. You can also use this opportunity to remind your employees about the company’s recycling policy and answer any questions they might have.

Construction Recycling

If your company is in construction, you might want to consider recycling old materials from projects. For example, if a demolition project results in leftover wood or concrete that isn’t needed anymore, set up a system where employees can drop it off at a local construction recycling center instead of throwing it away. Just make sure they follow the recycling center’s guidelines and bring items that belong in the drop-off bin.

Offer Financial Incentives

Some employees might be more likely to recycle if they’re offered a financial incentive. You could offer your employees a small bonus for every pound of recyclable material they bring to work, or you could choose one employee each month to receive a prize for their outstanding recycling efforts.

If you want to take this one step further, you could also invest in a recycling program for your office. This way, employees can recycle materials like paper and plastic without worrying about sorting them into the right bins.

Promote Your Recycling Efforts

Finally, don’t forget to promote your company’s commitment to recycling. You can post flyers around the office or put up signs in break rooms reminding employees why it’s so important for them to recycle their materials. If you have an email list of all your employees’ addresses, send out a weekly or monthly newsletter about the environment and recycling. If you’re ambitious, start a green initiative committee.


There are many ways to enforce recycling at your company. Just make sure you tailor the approach to fit your specific workplace and employees. You can help make your office more environmentally friendly with a bit of effort.

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