4 Ways To Pass Your Culture to Your Children


As adults, many people look back on their childhood with fond memories of family gatherings and holiday traditions. Now it’s time to pass those cultural traditions down to your children, so they keep in touch with their roots. Parents such as Michael Canzian know that you have to make it a priority to keep this culture alive. Here are four ways you can do that.

1. Cook Traditional Food With Your Family

Food holds one of the deepest connections to cultural traditions. Unique ingredients, flavors and styles of cooking are specific to cultures and families around the world. Passing this on to your children is one of the easiest ways of keeping family history alive from generation to generation. Whether you are steaming traditional Chinese dumplings with your great-grandmother’s secret spice blend or tossing fresh pasta like Michael Canzian, food holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. 

2. Write it Down

Storytelling is a great way to share your experience in life and the lives of your ancestors. One way to make sure your family’s story continues is to write it down for future generations. With easy access to computers and the internet, now is the time to write down the stories your grandparents told you, so your grandchildren have access to them. This is also the perfect opportunity to dig through old family photos and scan those into your files, so the images live on. 

3. Read Traditional Stories

Many cultures around the world have fables and stories that are unique to their culture. Most of them have been passed down for generations before making their way to print. Reading these stories with your children exposes them to historical beliefs and ways of thinking that may differ from the modern books they are exposed to. For example, some may have historical artwork, descriptions of ancient cooking or hunting methods, and drawings of traditional clothing. 

4. Visit Festivals

Community events such as shows and festivals are a great way to immerse your family in culture. These are fun celebrations filled with music, food, entertainment and people with similar backgrounds. Make this a special time by dressing in traditional clothing and trying a variety of foods. This is a great place to buy cultural decorations for the home, too, as a reminder of the event and what it represents for your family. 

Keeping your family’s culture alive for future generations rests in your hands. Take the time to make traditional foods, read cultural stories, attend festivals and look at old family photos so your children can learn and pass this on to their children. 

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