4 Ways to Impress Your Boss


When it comes to your career and developing a relationship with your boss, you should be concerned with fostering as you develop in your work. While many employees find themselves distanced from their manager, it’s proven that befriending your superior can help you grow personally, professionally, and mentally. Here are our best ways on how to look good for your boss and turn your friendship into a true working partnership.

1.   Go the extra distance

A great place to start in terms of impressing your superior is by taking the extra initiative in order to get noticed. Start by arriving a little earlier to work. Arriving at work before your co-workers will show your eagerness and dedication to your work, which won’t go unnoticed. Plus, this can lead to some casual conversation and one-on-one bonding time with your manager. Getting a few minutes to chat about your weekend or family or vacation plans can build a foundation of trust and personal attachment between you and your boss.

Another great tip for standing out is being the one to reach out to your boss for some face time. Extending your interest in getting to know them better demonstrates your embracing characteristics and desire to get to connect with your most important co-worker.

Finally, ask your boss about different ways you can step up to the plate and take on something more meaningful. Whether this is a new task, challenge or a specific project, taking the initiative to express your interest in something out of your immediate scope of work will show your interest to thrive and grow in your role.

2.   Look professional

Depending on your dress code at work, looking your best will surely have you standing out in your boss’ eyes. Having a professional wardrobe and implementing it daily at work can improve not only your chances of getting noticed and maybe promoted, but also give you self-confidence in the work that you’re doing day-to-day. In terms of outfits, don’t get too lavish so that you stick out like a sore thumb, but be sure to look classy and appropriate to your work setting.

As a couple of additional tips, for men, start with maintaining your facial hair and skin in order to look well-groomed and professional. This means having a well-kept hairstyle as well as utilizing brand new razors daily or weekly to keep your beard and mustache styled to perfection and avoid looking scruffy and ragged. Moving on to clothing, be smart with tops like knit sweaters and button-down shirts for business casual offices or buttoned suits for more formal work atmospheres. Finish off with a pair of durable, yet classy shoes and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

For women, you will want to dress to match the style of your office. For more casual atmospheres, blouses and colored shirts with khakis or slacks will look best, but for more for formal settings, a well-tailored pantsuit or skirt suit with tights and heels will have you looking up to par. Plus, take care of your own habits too like brushing your hair regularly, and grooming and painting your nails with pink coral nail polish. For more inspiration, check out a great women’s guide on what to wear to work, here.

3.   Work on your posture and body language

Believe it or not, your posture and body language at work can tell a lot more about you. Your posture is one way to demonstrate to your superiors that you’re engaged with your work and show that your mind is actually focusing on the task at hand. At your desk, make sure you’re sitting up straight and aren’t slouched over. Not only is this a good look for your boss, but sitting up straight is good for your overall lifestyle. Your back will thank you later if you’re constantly sitting up straight.

The same goes for when you’re sitting in meetings or walking around the office. Sit up straight up in meetings and show you’re present in the discussion that’s taking place. Making use of your hands and locking in with eye contact will prove you’re paying attention and are actually looking to provide your opinion or feedback in the conversation. The same goes for in the office. Greet people with a smile, walk around with your head held high and look happy to be there.

4.   Attitude is everything

Your attitude and approach to work can shine a light on your personality in more ways than one. Keeping your attitude positive and bringing delightful energy to your workplace will surely have you standing in a positive light towards your boss. A great place to start is by setting goals at your job and working diligently towards them. Visibly demonstrating your work towards goals you set shows you are hard-working, driven and happy to be at your company.

If you struggle with positivity, try spending time with people at work that radiate positivity and happiness. The best way to take pride in your work is being around others that set the tone, so look into finding peers in the office that can bring the best out of you.

If you’re looking to make an impression on your boss and develop a close relationship, be sure to work on all aspects of your appearance at work. These multiple dimensions of your identity are what stand between you and a tight-knit relationship with your manager.

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