Why Boring Products or Services can Lead to a Successful Business


What are boring businesses? I am 200% sure that there is one near where you are now. These are those businesses that seemed to have existed on the same street corner from the time of your grandmother. These businesses are seen in all types of towns and cities. These boring businesses do not have the hype of technology in their operations, they just do their business and do it the best way they had been doing it for years. They know what they’re best at, they don’t have much debt, and they love their employees. All these things combined, these small and boring businesses make a lot of sure money. But aside from its sure money success, these businesses actually mean more to their customers. They may be small, but what they sell and do matter.

There is what is called the Lindy effect, which simply means that some things become better and last longer over time. The longer these companies exist through challenges after challenges over the years, the more established they become. The secret? They do not focus on expanding and making it big, or on having the latest and greatest marketing campaign. Their workspaces might even be prehistoric, but hey, if it works, why bother to change it?  All they put their effort on is how to meet the needs of their customers with whatever is on the market that they could use, and control it. They focus on what they know would work for them and keep their customers coming back.

Having these businesses creates many benefits in the community. They have provided livelihood and employment throughout the years, and they are so ingrained into the community where they are that they can become local leaders in their areas. So even if these companies do not have those “change the world” mission statements and visions that many modern companies seem to have these days, they are still regarded as pillars in their communities. They are such part of their communities that they become landmarks!

Not everyone can become part of the big leagues. At the end of the day, even these big shot companies would need smaller and lesser known businesses to keep them going. It is the small businesses that keep the world going. They may not be out there to change the world, but it is their consistency in what they do that makes them go on to become legends. These businesses excel because they provide the most basic needs of everyone. Even Steve Jobs would need a barber to cut his hair, right?

In today’s technology driven society, some might scoff at these ‘lowly, and boring’ entrepreneurs, but these people (and their ancestors before them that started it all) actually have the last laugh. In truth, they are probably happier in life, they are doing something that is simple yet brings in steady money, plus, they get to have more stability and freedom given the experience their businesses already have.  For them, being boring is nothing negative. Being boring just means that they had seen and taken something valuable when no one else has looked into and made something profitable from it.

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