Tips for creating a millennial-friendly workplace

Tips for creating a millennial-friendly workplace

Are you looking to attract millennials to your company? This generation is often misunderstood, and sometimes unfairly so, but they make excellent employees who are willing to give their all in their workplace and to contribute a high level of creativity. And given that they are digital natives and understand this language of the future, can your business afford not to do everything in its power to attract them to work for you?  Continue reading

Lead Your Company Out Of A Crisis

Lead Your Company Out Of A Crisis

Doug Yakola has seen his fair share of companies in crisis during his time in business leadership. As the Chief Financial Officer of more than a dozen companies, he’s had several what he calls “boiled frog” moments. Companies, he says, are like frogs put in warm water that are slowly heated up. They often don’t realize that anything is wrong until the water’s boiling and it’s too late to escape. It isn’t necessarily down to bad management. It’s often just that the senior management team isn’t able to accept that the world has changed and moved on and their company hasn’t. The power of inertia can be strong in business.

Other companies get into a crisis by not focusing on the right data. They have the right idea, Yakola says, using data to help make decisions. But sometimes the data they are using is not useful when it comes to improving their revenue. Using the wrong data hamstrings companies and causes them to become less and less relevant to the needs of the market.

After having so many near misses himself, Yakola took a step back and asked how ailing companies can lead themselves out of a crisis. Here is some of his hard-won wisdom.

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Are Employee Training Courses Really Worth the Investment?

Are Employee Training Courses Really Worth the Investment?

Employee training courses can cost your company a good deal of money up front. This cash could be used for advertising or for putting a better product together. But, the benefits of employee training courses for career development are vast.

They provide innovative methods for employees to work with new strategies and products. They also contribute to an enhanced ability for employee efficiency. As a result, the company as a whole is more profitable. And most importantly, employees who receive trainings are more satisfied with their jobs. This gives the company a higher retention rate.

So, should your company invest in training courses for your employees? Read the benefits below to find out.

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Why The World Is Going Crazy Over Big Data

Why The World Is Going Crazy Over Big Data

From the 1980s into the 1990s, a pair of data scientists, Geoff Hinton and Yann LeCun laid the foundations of artificial intelligence. They came up with the idea of a neural net, a kind of statistical tool that could be trained, rather than programmed. Because of its similarities to the human mind, they borrowed the term “neural” and used it as a metaphor.

The problem was that back in the 1980s, the idea wasn’t actually very useful. Neural nets require thousands, sometimes millions, of pieces of data to train. But because the internet was basically non-existent and sensors were expensive, there was hardly any data to actually feed these systems. Neural net technology was seen as interesting from a theoretical perspective, but the idea never took off, simply because the world wasn’t generating enough data to make it operational.

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How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

Starting your own blog online is easier than ever with today’s technology. But even so, a beginner might be wondering where to start. There are not too many requirements for starting your very own blog and getting one up and running can be done without a lot of technical experience. Before getting into the basics of starting a blog, you might be wondering why you should start a blog in the first place.

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The Power Of The Trade Show

The Power Of The Trade Show

Trade shows are one of the best marketing tools your business has. If you offer something niche and specific you can make a case for it at a trade show to people who could really benefit from what you offer. There is a huge power in them because you meet and greet people in the know. People who you can really link with and make a huge impact with. It can be the driving force behind your business, somewhere you can find great clients to work with for many years to come. However, there are certain things you need to bear in mind to ensure it goes without a hitch. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of, and exploit, the power of the trade show.

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