5 Quirky Corporate Event Ideas That Your Team Will Enjoy


If you think your company’s success depends on your customers or the sales you make, you’re wrong. The success of any business depends on the people running it, and that’s none other than your employees. Therefore, you must find ways to boost the morale of your employees so that you increase their productivity. And there’s no better way to do that than through hosting corporate events. Here are some quirky corporate event ideas that your team will likely enjoy.

Host an Award Ceremony

Appreciating your employees and awarding them for their incredible performance is a wonderful way to make them feel loved. This is a perfect way to motivate your team and push them to go the extra mile. Awarding your employees creates healthy competition within your organization which is a fantastic way to steer your company towards success. You can make it a culture of your company to host end-year awards.

Organize and Interactive Masterclass

An inspirational masterclass is a unique way to bring everyone together and learn something valuable. There are many things your employees might be interested in learning, depending on the industry. It shouldn’t just be something that can benefit the company. Think about a life skill that everyone seems interested in. Bring an expert to take everyone through the class sessions. Don’t forget to make it as interactive as possible with quizzes and puzzles.

Organize a Contest

A contest creates exciting corporate team-building activities that no one can ever resist. There are a lot of competitions you can organize within the organization and get everyone to participate. You can do something as simple as a cooking competition or come up with a sports activity. Contests are other wonderful ways to bring up a healthy competition and encourage employees to learn from each other. To make these livelier, choose different corporate event themes that can go with the contest.

Organize a Community Volunteer Event

Every organization needs to give back to the community and expect nothing in return. Everyone loves participating in charity events. This is a perfect way to bond with the outside world and feel great for bringing a smile to other people’s faces. Order some AS colour t shirts for corporate events and leave a memory about your company to the community.


Mountain climbing is one of the most interactive physical activities that you can organize as a company. A hiking activity can help make your staff comfortable and help change their perspective about the company. It’s a wonderful way to get your team to interact and know each other beyond the confines of the office. The activity will help promote teamwork as they work collectively to hike the mountain. It’s also an excellent way to create a healthy workplace where everyone can talk to one another.


They say all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Corporate team building activities improve the mood at the workplace. It encourages positive interaction among employees and their seniors. Consider discussing with your team how they want their next corporate event to look like and work together in making it a success.

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