Types of Windows Replacement Barrie Units


If your old windows are warped and allowing drafts to your home, you must have thought about opting for window replacement Barrie to make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in. Although most people think about repairing the old windows, some damages are hard to fix, and replacing the entire window will deal with the problem completely. 

Choosing a replacement window is challenging because of the many types in the market. However, the window you choose for window replacement Barrie project depends on factors like your taste and preference and your budget. Below are some types of replacement windows that will suit your home.

  1. Single Hung Window

They are a common type of window replacement Barrie units. Single-hung windows are affordable and easy to install. These windows have two sashes, at the top and bottom, but only the bottom one is operable. The sash tilts, making it easy to clean the window. These windows are also energy efficient because they close tightly to prevent heat transfer. 

  1. Double-Hung Windows

The double-hung windows resemble single-hung ones. The difference is in the sashes. The double-hung window has two sashes, and both of them are operable. They are also suitable for enough lighting and ventilation in your home. These windows are more pricy than the single hung because all their sashes can open. Besides, they are also easy to operate and clean. 

It is advisable always to keep the lower sash closed if you have small children and pets. This is because children can easily jump through the window. Opening the top sash also ensures there is good ventilation. 

  1. Casement Windows

They resemble a door. Casement Barrie windows have hinges on the sides that hold the window to the frame. As a result, the window cracks open to the outside. Casement windows are suitable for lighting and ventilation, and since they give an unobstructed view, you can install them in homes facing the ocean or a beautiful forest. 

  1. Awning Window

This window replacement Barrie unit has hinges at the top, and it opens from the bottom upwards to create an awning shape. Awning windows are mostly installed in homes in wet climatic regions because they prevent rain from entering the house. These windows are also energy efficient and a good choice for ventilation and lighting. 

  1. Picture Window

Picture windows are found in homes facing the ocean or a beautiful garden for the views. The window consists of a full glass that does not open. They are the best for lighting, but picture windows have to be combined with another window for ventilation. You can install a casement or awning window beside the picture window. 

  1. Custom Made Windows

If you have a style of window replacement Barrie unit that you want and cannot find in the market, you can ask a manufacturer to create a custom-made window. These windows are a bit expensive and take around five to seven days to be ready. You can get custom windows from custom glass services in any shape and size you like, and they can fit in any space. You only need to get the correct measurements for your existing space. 

  1. Bay And Bow

Do you need something more complicated and that will stand out from the rest? Bay and bow windows are related in that they both protrude outwards to create a beautiful shape and appearance. These window replacement units enhance your home’s curb appeal and allow a lot of light in the house. They also make the space look bigger, a dream for most homeowners. 

  1. Garden Windows

They protrude to the outside. These Barrie windows have shelves where you can place your tinned plants. They are the best for placing plants because of the light that plants need. You can install garden windows in the kitchen or laundry area. You can also customize them to your desired shape. 

  1. Storm Windows

Storm Barrie windows are installed in homes for added security. They are hard to break into, and they also protect your main windows from harsh weather elements like hails. In addition, storm windows increase the home’s energy efficiency. They also improve your home’s curb appeal.

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