A Step in Gender Equality: Women in Streaming Services


Although there is still room for improvement, the amount of women in the entertainment industry has significantly grown. With streaming services specifically, the platforms have led the charge of more female protagonists in movies and shows, as well as more diversity behind the screen. Some argue that the entertainment industry’s focus on diversity is because of society’s focus on inclusion. Others say the opposite, that society has reflected a change because of the representation on various programs and motion pictures. But regardless of where it began, it’s clear that diversity in the entertainment industry is here to stay. 

To take a deeper look at this issue, the team at Soda has dug into the history of women in TV, discovering the specific streaming services that have taken active steps forward for inclusion, as well as the ones that still have a long way to go.

Streaming Services and Women Representation

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are a few of the most popular streaming services around the globe. Because of their massive audience, they have had a great influence in society’s acceptance of female-led content, as they have given women a platform to tell their stories. A few notable statistics with these services include:


  1. Hulu. The streaming platform has women taking the lead in about 70% of its original content. 
  2. Netflix. Netflix is the largest streaming service, and has around 65% of protagonists being women. 
  3. Amazon Prime. The services’ content has around 45% female-led shows, movies, and documentaries. 


It’s important to not only support women in the entertainment industry, but people from different backgrounds, religions, and sexual orientations as well. The increase in diverse people being recognized in the arts makes society more knowledgeable about one another. To see more statistics on the rise in diversity and inclusion on and off screen, the infographic below shows what platforms are involved in the movement of female empowerment in the entertainment industry.  


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