Keep These Important Tips In Mind When Trying to Secure Your License to Serve Alcohol


For many restaurants and bars, attaining and maintaining an active liquor license or similar legal permission can be the difference between success and failure. Ideally, anyone interested in starting such a business would take care of all related details early on in the effort to comply with the law. This will alleviate some of the stress and strain that often accompany attempts to rush the bureaucratic process. If you or someone you know is considering such an undertaking, a few simple guidelines will help make sense of the risks and responsibilities. Consider the points below before going any further down this path.

Determine What the Options Are

Every business is different and the requirements on the books will vary considerably depending on the location of a particular licensing request. For example, those doing business in Texas will need to research the details regarding TABC licensing. Depending on an entrepreneur’s comfort level, this part of the procedure is likely to require the input and advice of an expert in the field. Look for someone well versed in the jurisdiction and type of license being pursued.

Determine What the Goals Are

Since there are probably several options in any case, the final determination should come from an executive decision about how extensive the license should be. While it is important to have plenty of coverage to handle anticipated needs, the broadest permissions available under the law might not be necessary in every application. Be realistic about what the operation is likely to offer the public and attain only the types of coverage that make sense in such a scenario.

Determine What the Costs Are

Another major reason not to apply for unnecessary protection lies in the associated financial burden. Of course, a professional consultant will be able to determine which precise options are legally and practically most advantageous. From there, any additional items should be weighed based on how much real value they would offer for the amount of money required.

Starting any business is a challenge that requires a clear vision and dedication to the hard work needed for consistent growth. The added stress of jumping through regulatory hoops, however, can make the concept even more overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some steps anyone in this position can take in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Remember the points outlined above to keep an even head and calm demeanor until achieving the goal.


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