Biggest Casinos In The World


Casino and gambling have become synonymous today. Typically, casinos today are a complex containing everything from a buffet to attached hotels and obviously gaming space. You can click here to learn more about casinos and how you can play them.

The casino industry is an ever-increasing one and has a whopping increase of 10.9 per cent in the past year itself. Las Vegas is undoubtedly considered the capital of gambling. Its casinos are renowned and the game table has highly professional players.

Macau, is indisputably a fast-growing centre for casinos with few state-of-art facilities has been developed in the recent past.

1. Casino Estoril

Spread over an area of 26900 square feet and housing 1235 slot machines and game tables, this is actually big. The James Bond novel “Casino Royale” is said to be inspired by this casino.

Situated in southwest Lisbon, Portugal, this casino has its own art gallery. Live music venue and nightclub is also available apart from all the regular facilities that a high-profile casino house.

2. MGM Grand

Opened in 1993, in Las Vegas, United States of America, this is tagged as the biggest hotel in the world, covering an area of 171500 square feet. The property is equipped with five pools and lazy rivers spread over an area of 6.5 acres.

It also includes a convention centre and a 17000-seat arena. Who can forget MGM Grand’s whopping 25000 slot machines, making it one of the biggest casinos of the world!

3. Crown Casino

Opened in 1977, this casino boasts of being the second largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere. This casino is home to World Series of Poker of the Asia-Pacific chapter and is spread over an area of 220000 square feet. The Crown casino has over 3000 gaming tables and slot machines. 

Rio Casino Resort

Africa’s largest casino was known as Tusk Rio Casino and Resort till 2006. The Peermont Group bought and re-named it as the Rio Casino Resort. Within years the nearby hotel was acquired, and this became the largest casino complex in Southern Hemisphere.

Spread over an area of 266330 square feet, surprisingly this casino houses only 257 gaming facilities and slot machines. The gaming facilities have large and airy spaces where the player can play freely.

Apart from the high-stake ambling rooms, the casino has go-karts, a children’s arcade and a live entertainment venue.

5. MGM Grand

Macau, China has carved its niche in the casino world. Built and jointly operated between MGM Resorts and daughter of Hong Kong business magnate Stanley Ho, this mega-casino complex features over 267000 square feet area that wraps around two gigantic floors.

Apart from the gambling floor, another unique attraction of this casino is the MGM Grand’s lobby. A 26 feet cylindrical aquarium is placed here with LED lights, sharks and at least one thousand other fishes.

Although this casino is over 50000 square feet larger than its Las Vegas cousin but facilitates only one-third of the gaming facilities and just one-tenth of the hotel rooms.

Real-time Experience?

Well, it may not be realistic for all to pay a personal visit to each of these largest casinos of the world. But casinos are spread over in almost all nations. So, nothing to worry actually. Hit the casino nearest to you and enjoy the games. Try your shot at the jackpot or play along for sheer enjoyment.

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