Planning A 60th Birthday Party For A Co-Worker: 9 Dos And Don’ts


Hosting a party for a co-worker can sometimes be a bit of a minefield, so it is important to know the proper etiquette and ensure that you know enough about your co-worker to organize a celebration they will love. If the party is taking place in the office, it is vital that it doesn’t distract people trying to work. You could consider hosting the party during the lunch break or after hours to prevent any disruption.

60 is a milestone birthday, so it is important to celebrate it right. It may help to get in touch with some friends of the birthday boy or girl to ask about what kind of celebration they would most enjoy. To help you in your planning mission, here are some of the crucial dos and don’ts of planning a co-worker’s 60th birthday party.

Do… Have A Clear Budget

Most office parties don’t have the big budget of a dedicated party, so you’ll need to know precisely what you have to work with. Even if your budget is on the smaller side, there are still plenty of ways to make the office festive for your co-worker’s birthday.

You could decorate using scrap paper to make colorful chains or look up some other ways to turn the office into party central. Make the best possible use of your budget to ensure that the celebration is one that your co-worker loves and remembers.

Don’t… Make Too Much Of A Fuss About Age

Some people don’t mind reminders of their age, while others can be sensitive about the topic. Unless you’re confident your co-worker will appreciate age-related humor or gifts, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid too many mentions of getting older. As a 60th birthday celebration, there will undoubtedly be some mention of their age, but this should not be a primary focus.

Do… Include Everyone

When hosting a workplace party, it is vital to invite everyone. Not being included in the guest list, whether on purpose or by accident, can cause serious interpersonal issues between co-workers. The uninvited person may even think that it is the birthday boy or girl’s choice not to invite them.

When possible, host the party when most of the office is in downtime. For instance, you have staggered finish times from 3 to 5pm and host the party after 5 o’clock when everyone is free and available.

Don’t… Make The Party Too Wild

At the end of the day, the venue for this party is your workplace. You should consider what kind of games and activities are appropriate for an office party and ensure that things don’t get too wild. If you want to serve alcohol to the guests, you should check with the office manager first and keep things light.

Do… Send Out Beautiful Invitations

Invitations can make a massive difference to a party and the turnout you get. They can also be an exciting way to invite the guest of honor to celebrate their big day. The invites you choose will depend on your co-worker’s tastes, but you can find some incredible sixtieth birthday party ideas from the invite experts at Greenvelope.

Don’t… Stress Out If People Can’t Make It

People being unable to attend a party is inevitable, whether it’s an office party or not. Try not to stress if people can’t make it, and don’t take it personally. If possible, get everyone your co-worker is particularly close with to attend and consider reaching out to friends and family to help you celebrate as well.

Don’t… Forget About Other Co-Workers’ Birthdays

If you plan to celebrate one person’s office birthday, it is essential to remember that you should also try and celebrate others. This doesn’t have to be a big party each time, which might get time-consuming if you’re the designated party planner. Just decorating a co-worker’s desk and getting them a card and gift can be enough for those not celebrating milestone birthdays.

Do… Order Food That Suits Everyone

Catering for a party can get tricky, with everyone having different dietary needs and tastes. For an office party, it is normally easiest to go for an old classic – ordering in pizza. Find a local pizza place that will deliver to the office, and order some of the crowd please options like margarita, veggie supreme and meat feast. If you have vegans in the office, consider ordering from a place that makes vegan options as well.

Do… Get Them A Gift From The Team

A birthday celebration isn’t complete without gifts, so organizing a company whip-around to raise funds can be a great idea. You could also let co-workers know that gifts are welcome if you don’t want to ask everyone for money. Make sure to buy something they will like and get input from other team members to ensure you make the best choice.

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