The Lesser-Known Side Gigs of Famous Creatives {Infographic}


Did you know that Walt Disney was a model train enthusiast? Or that Emily Dickinson was an avid baker? In fact, many prominent creatives throughout history have had notable side gigs and hobbies that spurred on their creativity and provided a source of inspiration.

Invaluable has put together a visual of the lesser known side gigs of famous creatives and it is inspiring to see where these artists and innovators drew inspiration. Walt Disney’s love of model trains inspired many of the attractions at Walt Disney Resorts and several of Emily Dickinson’s famous poems were inspired in the kitchen.

Studies have shown that the benefits of cross-training your brain are endless. Pursuing a multitude of activities, rather than becoming specialized in a single area, has been proven to strengthen both professional and soft-skills. American novelist Flannery O’Connor once wrote, “I know a good many fiction writers who paint, not because they’re any good at painting, but because it helps their writing. It forces them to look at things.”

Prioritizing time for your hobby or side hustle is a great way to push past creative blocks and can ultimately impact your career. Whether you plan events on the side or tutor students on the weekend, foster those passions and you might just find your next career breakthrough.

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