Being the Boss Isn’t Really as Stressful as You Think


Being the Boss Isn't Really as Stressful as You Think

As with any other thing, there are pros and cons to being the boss. While a lot of people think it is a glamorous position, more people are aware of how much stress such position can bring to an individual. This may be accurate in a different perspective, yet a recent study from Stanford University researchers has proved that there is actually less stress on leaders on higher positions than their subordinates. Come to think of it: the senior manager actually faces more stress than the CEO.

Neuroscience Tactic

In a couple of research, neuroscience has played a part on business-related findings. The researchers have discovered a connection between leadership and the workings of the mind with the help of the SCARF model. In acronym it stands for Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness. These five factors determine which things or areas are threats and which ones are rewards.

Using the SCARF perspective, they’ve discovered that although leaders in top positions are under so much stress, they are compensated with lots of rewards, which counter this stress. Moreover, senior leaders have a lot more of the five SCARF elements to activate a great reward response and offset the stress.

Taking Over

While you are in charge of every workload, you are also in total control of your earnings. Gone are the stresses of waiting until payday or a delayed salary — there’s no limit to your pay check! Plus, you are the first to get paid in the company; how does that sound?

On top of financial benefits, being the boss puts you in charge of your decisions. When you own the business, you have the final say to everything, which places your decisions at the highest priority. No one demands from you or schools you on how to perform a certain assignment. Moreover, you will be able to accept and reject the types of jobs you would like to do. Since workload is one the major things that employees get stressed over, this makes being the boss sound less nerve-racking.

To lessen the amount of your worries, there’s a need for you to determine whether or not your workers are being productive. One of the things that hinder work progress is if one of your members is abusing illegal substance. As the boss, it is your responsibility to implement a marijuana urine test to help keep your team on the right track. You have to control how people under you behaves, thus, activities like this needs to be applied.

Reaping what you sow

One huge advantage that entrepreneurs enjoy is the thought that you cannot simply get fired. Unlike regular employees, who are constantly at their toes to keep their jobs, the boss cannot be unemployed in a snap. Sure, there may come a time when your business will need some overhauling, but you can always decide to keep it together. As a boss, you wouldn’t need to worry about suddenly losing your job that could be your only source of income since you will be on top of everything, looking out for the welfare of the company. To keep up what you’ve planted as a boss, you have to make sure that you retain

Keeping these facts in mind, perhaps being a boss also entails that you constantly look out for every employee under your wing, as they are the ones receiving the blow of a stressful job. They will need relentless support that the boss, of all people, should be able to give. If you start thinking about them, it becomes stress-free for you in the long run.

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