Leadership Lessons Learned from the Road

Have you ever broken down, took a wrong turn or seemed to have gotten completely lost while road tripping? Many of us have! The one thing many of us did not realize was that during those unexpected outcomes on the road, we gained a handful of leadership skills.

Every great road trip begins with a leader. As Vanessa Keating of Evolve Creative tells us, “Leaders usually start off with an end goal then focus on a plan to get you there in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. You then gather a team with skills and availability needed for the needs of the project you are leading.” Your team is your car passengers, and you must all work together to reach your destination. This can easily be applied to your work. A team must work together to reach deadlines and finish projects.

When your car breaks down or there is a closed road, you have to adapt quickly to get back en route to your destination. These situations can feel chaotic and stressful. Once you overcome these stressful feelings, you become a strong leader who understands what it takes to handle the situation efficiently.

Adapting to unexpected outcomes is a skill many leaders use in their daily lives and work. Learn 7 other useful leadership skills learned while road-tripping from CarRental’s guide below!


Leadership Lessons Learned From Road Trips

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