Five Qualities to Look for in a Virtual Office Assistant


Today, a growing number of online business owners are taking advantage of virtual office services. When owners hand over many of the daily administrative responsibilities to virtual assistants they have more time to focus on expanding and improving their online business. Check out five qualities to look for when hiring virtual assistants.

Well-Trained Individuals

Virtual assistants handle a lot of order issues and customer questions. So, as the owner of an online business, you need to find assistants with the training to handle a variety of tasks. When you have a staff of well-trained virtual assistants you can rest assured that your customers and vendors are being helped by professionals who know what they’re doing.

A Reputation for First-Rate Service

Of course, the virtual assistants you hire are there to complete daily tasks that are a necessary part of your business operations. But, these assistants also serve as representatives of your business. Hiring a capable team of virtual assistants means you’re leaving customers and vendors with a favorable impression of your business. As a savvy business owner, you know the importance of making a good first impression!

A Wide Range of Services

It’s critical for an owner to look at the range of services offered by a team of virtual assistants. You may need your virtual assistants to follow up on customer orders, monitor your email and check into declined credit cards. Or, you may have a specialized list of tasks that you need done. Regardless of your particular requirements, it’s best to hire virtual assistants that can handle a wide range of services in case you want to add to their list of responsibilities.

Good Judgement

Good judgement is a must-have quality for a virtual assistant. Your virtual assistants must be able to gauge the importance of various emails and messages so they can forward them to you right away if necessary. Sometimes it’s necessary for the owner of an online business to personally address a customer or vendor’s issue. A virtual assistant with good judgement can make sure that you get the messages you need to see without delay.

A Customer-Friendly Attitude

A customer-friendly attitude is an extremely important quality to look for in any virtual assistant. Ideally, you want a team of virtual assistants who are pros at handling customers who are contacting them with product issues and/or complaints. A professional virtual assistant will be able to communicate with all customers in a polite, courteous way and find a satisfactory solution to the problem. A team of customer-friendly virtual assistants is an asset to any online business.

Finally, professional virtual assistants have a lot more than five favorable qualities, but these are a few to start with as you begin your search for the right team. First-rate virtual assistants can give you the time and space you need to improve your business.

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