How a Medical Virtual Assistant (VA) Can Benefit Your Office

A Medical VA can help you improve your service to your patients. Source

Do you find it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage your medical practice? Are you struggling to keep up with administrative tasks, such as managing patient files, as well as accepting new patients, and booking appointments for them? If it feels like your office is becoming chaotic, you may need outside help. 
A Medical VA can take the pressure off your practice, and allow you to improve your service to your patients.

Who Can Benefit From Virtual VA Services?

Anyone who works in healthcare can benefit from VA services like those provided by My Mountain Mover, and, if you work in a team, you could get a medical VA to support your whole operation. 

Even if the administrative needs of the respective team members aren’t that great, together you could have many hours of work that can be done by a VA. Teams at healthcare facilities, clinics, nursing homes, group practices, and other medical practices can benefit from this service. 

Duties of a Medical VA

A medical VA will help lighten the administrative workload of your office and give you more time with your patients. A VA could do almost any task for which they don’t need healthcare expertise. When you start handing over small tasks to a VA, you will also realize how much time you actually spend on administrative duties. 

The VA can assist you with the following duties:

  • They can set up and manage appointments with patients. This would include referrals and the intake of new patients. They’ll also manage cancellations and send reminders to patients. 
  • They can refill prescriptions for patients. 
  • They can get the correct benefit information for patients. 
  • They will input patient information into your office software. 
  • They can help with claims, collections, medical billing, and coding, as well as tracing outstanding insurance claims. 
  • They can also manage your calendar, and schedule your appointments, commitments, meetings, and events. 
  • They can do supply management for your office, keep track of your office supplies, and order new items when necessary. 
  • They can transfer any physical forms, that you may still have, to a digital format. 
  • They can help you a lot with managing your emails, cleaning your inbox, and responding to your messages. 

Marketing and Tech Support

Some VAs can also assist you with marketing and tech support. You’re going to have to market your practice if you want it to grow. A VA with the right skills can update your website and ensure it’s modern and easy to use. They could also manage your social media accounts and respond to any reviews you may receive. 

If you want to go all out in your search for new patients, the VA can help you set up campaigns to find patients in your area. 

If the VA is especially tech-savvy, they can help you and your patients if you experience problems during virtual appointments. The VA can also train your staff on using new medical software. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re not sure if you should hire a VA, remember that you have specialized skills that took years to acquire. Your patients also need as much of your time as possible, and you’re actually just wasting your skills if you’re spending your time on routine administrative duties. Word of mouth will also help you grow your practice if you have more quality time available to give your patients. 

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