5 Ways to Connect with Nature in Your Own Backyard


Nature heals. And that’s not just some jibber-jabber but a fact supported by decades (and even centuries) of research. According to Healthline, some health benefits of spending time outdoors include better respiratory health, improved sleep, boosted immune function, and better eye health. Moreover, the UK Mental Health Foundation points out that connecting with nature leads to better mental health and can even reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.With this in mind, it’s only natural you should search for ways to connect with nature. And the best part is that you can do it in your own backyard with just a few hacks and/or mindset adjustments.

Plant Some Herbs, Flowers, Veggies, or Trees

One of the absolute best ways to connect with nature in your own backyard is to plant a garden.Now, if you know that gardening is something you’d enjoy, then you can create an entire veggie garden. But if you just want to surround yourself with pretty plants (which are scientifically proven to reduce stress), you can start small and see how you feel about the hobby.Herbs, for example, are an excellent gardening project for beginners, as they usually require minimum effort but still give you something you can look forward to. If you’re more about the aesthetic aspect of gardening, go with a couple of flower pots, plant a beautiful but low-maintenance tree, or create a succulent garden you can enjoy without spending too much time caring for it.

Make Your Backyard Functional

The second most impactful way to connect with nature in your backyard is to think about its functionality.For many people, the outdoor spaces of their homes are just unused parts of their property that happen to look nice. However, if you aim to spend more time outdoors, consider how you could add functionality to this space to help you get the most out of it.For instance, if you enjoy a peaceful cup of hot coffee or tea as soon as you wake up, your backyard could be the perfect spot to indulge in the ritual. Especially considering that health experts say that morning sunlight is crucial in helping you become energized.Or, if you like to enjoy time with friends or family, the backyard could become the perfect entertaining area, as it gives you a great space to fire up the barbecue, have an outdoor meal, or even organize movie nights if you have the right projector equipment.

Create a Space for Some Gentle Exercise

Being outdoors is an excellent way to invest in your health. And if you’re determined to be the best version of yourself, it might not be a bad idea to move your exercise sessions to your backyard.The great thing about using your yard to work out is that it can fit any budget. For instance, if you’re into yoga, you can easily roll out your yoga mat in your garden. Or, if you’re into functional training, then you can create a small station for your exercise sessions consisting of a combination of professional and DIY equipment.If you want something more elaborate, like a pool, add it carefully to your backyard improvement plans. But if you want to connect with nature, consider a natural swimming pool. This will look better and be healthier for you and your family to use.

Make the Space Welcoming to Wildlife

Many people see their backyard as their oasis. But they forget that this outdoor space also needs to provide a safe environment to all the creatures that share our natural habitat.So, if you’re looking for ways to connect with nature in your backyard, consider turning it into a haven for all the critters in your environment. In the summer, put out water to give your animal guests a place to hydrate and cool down. Set up a birdhouse to help your friendly visitors have shelter in your yard. Plant some flowers to attract pollinators. And try not to do too much construction work that will disrupt the natural balance of the space.

Go Green with the Right Materials

Finally, as you explore ways to connect with nature in your backyard, don’t forget to pay attention to the materials you use when making changes.Yes, contemporary compounds like concrete and plastic can stand the test of time and are cheap to source. However, they’re not always the best choice if you want to protect your environment. So, whenever possible, do your best to go green.See if you can reclaim old materials to make the constructions you plan on installing. Do your best to be mindful of your resource consumption — something as simple as collecting rainwater can do a lot of good for the environment and your water bill. And reduce the amount of chemicals you use. Yes, an impeccably green lawn is great. But what’s even better is healthy soil that can support the biodiversity that so many of our cities lack.

In Closing

There you have it, five easy ways to connect with nature in your backyard.As you can see, enjoying outdoor spaces in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make big changes or spend a lot on construction and landscaping. But, if you’re looking to make improvements, do so with the natural environment in mind. Moreover, do your best to create an oasis for you and all the other creatures that would appreciate the green haven that is your yard.

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