How to Make a Cookie Cutter Home Stand Out


Regardless of if you are trying to make your own more attractive to potential buyers or if you just want it to be more appealing for your own living needs, you can elevate your home beyond the ordinary with a little creativity. Here are five proven ways to make a cookie-cutter home stand out from the pack.

Cut the Clutter

You will be amazed at what the simple act of cutting the clutter from your home will do to make it stand out. It is easy to not understand how much clutter is overtaking your house when you see it every day. However, being intentional about removing this mess will make your home more attractive to you and to others.

The best way to declutter your room is to go through each room methodically. Having plenty of organizational tools on hand will make this process easier. You also need to put yourself in the frame of mind of knowing that it is fine to let go of some of your belongings if it means that your home will appear cleaner and crisper.

Boost Curb Appeal

Whether a buyer is looking for homes for sale in Temecula or elsewhere in the region, you want to appeal to everyone by boosting the curb appeal of your house. Start with the front of your home and try to look at it through the lens of a first-time visitor.

Begin this process by improving the landscaping of your yard. Adding a flowering hanging basket to your front porch is an easy and affordable way to include a burst of color and fragrance.

Even something as easy as giving the front door a fresh coat of paint can improve the overall visual aesthetic of the home. Another easy thing to do is to replace the house address numbers with something new and shiny. Or consider adding some lighting fixtures to improve both the security and the visual appeal of the home at night.

Give the Backyard a Little TLC

While you are paying attention to the front yard curb appeal of the home, be sure to give a little TLC to the backyard as well. You will delight in spending time in the great outdoors if you make your backyard a personal oasis.

Your backyard will be the envy of the neighborhood if you fill it with comfortable seating, an inviting fire pit, and other elements that welcome people to sit down and relax while connecting with Mother Nature. You do not need a lot of space to pull this off. What is most important is how you use this space.

Focus on the Kitchen

Most homebuyers give a significant amount of attention to the kitchen. This means that you cannot let this room go unnoticed. Upgrading your appliances may be a good investment for your money.

You can make your home better than the rest in your area by choosing premium appliances that go a step above the rest. For example, a double oven will make it easier to entertain guests in your home because you can prepare different foods at separate temperatures. A sub-zero refrigerator is a premium addition to any home.

Other ideas to make the kitchen unique include choosing a trendy counter material such as stone or quartz or installing flooring that differentiates from what you normally see. Good ideas include bamboo, cork, or limestone.

Make it Personal

At the end of the day, your house is your home. What makes it truly unique are the elements that make it a reflection of your family. This means that you should not shy away from personalizing your home to meet your needs.

Family photos, snapshots of your favorite vacation memories, and artifacts from your travels are all great ways to make your home reflect your traditions. You can keep these moments relegated to certain areas of the home if you do not want to overload the house with personal items. The goal is to make the house feel like a home to those who spend time in it.

Doing what you can to make your home stand out from the rest of the houses on your block will be worth your investment.

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