Recruiters revealed the truth about LinkedIn profile pictures.


Have you ever wondered the truth about LinkedIn profile pictures – if a lousy profile picture could hurt your job prospects? Indeed, 71% of recruiters report they rejected a candidate based on their LinkedIn profile picture at least once. 

That finding raises some questions. What makes recruiters so interested in profile pictures? Are there any red flags they look for? And how can you improve your profile picture to get the recruiter’s attention? 

In Passport Photo Online, as a biometric photography company, we wanted to uncover the truth behind the LinkedIn profile pictures. Therefore, along with our research team, we traveled the world and, despite the dangers, ventured into Tibetan oracles…

Well, actually, we just reached out to business owners, HR pros, and managers to conduct the survey. We collected nearly 200 responses, and here are the results we hope will help you land your next job.

What makes recruiters so interested in profile pictures?

We tend to think recruiters rely solely on resumes to make hiring decisions. Indeed, work experience matters, but mere words can’t replace personal interaction. In virtual reality, the picture alone expresses a person’s identity and credibility. 

According to our respondents:

  • 95% believe a LinkedIn profile acts as a business card today.
  • Another 96% of the surveyed believe a professional LinkedIn profile picture inspires confidence.
  • A complete 80% say a candidate’s profile picture helps them get to know the person better.

So, a profile picture is vital to our first impression since it represents us online.

Red flags: how not to ruin your online reputation

Let’s say that you visited Thailand, with its stunning landscapes, turquoise waters, and exotic wildlife. You would like to share such a great picture of yourself in a gorgeous setting… Hold back. Do not use it on your LinkedIn profile picture. 49% of recruiters admit that vacation photos raise a red flag, rank third-worst, along with a low-resolution image (67%) and lack of a fully visible face (75%).

The following things should also be avoided:

  • An unauthentic image: 38%
  • Using a company picture instead of a personal one: 28%
  • Over-the-top casualness: 23% 
  • Lack of a smile: 15%

Recruiters revealed the truth.

So, we know how vital profile pictures are and what pitfalls to avoid.

The last concern is how to improve the picture to ensure you hire?

The majority of recruiters recommended improving quality (77%). Almost half of them suggested using a business photograph (44%) or hiring a professional photographer (39%). Our last piece of advice relates to posture: maintaining a charismatic (31%) or a serious pose (11%).

If you follow those tips and remove red flags from your profile picture, your chances of getting hired should skyrocket. Also, we can help you with that with our LinkedIn Profile Photo Tool. Would love to hear from you if it works!

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It’s more likely to find her in the forest than at the dance club.

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