Why Business Pamphlets and Brochures Are Not a Thing of the Past


If you’re like most people, you likely receive a barrage of emails every day. With all of these emails coming in, it can be easy to assume that print advertising is a thing of the past. However, when used correctly, print advertising, in the form of business pamphlets and brochures, can be quite powerful. To help you understand how to properly use this form of advertising, here are a few tips and insights into why business pamphlets and brochures are here to stay.

They’re Different

Although brochures used to be ubiquitous across every business, they’re now becoming increasingly rare. Therefore, giving a brochure to a customer can actually be seen as a unique form of advertising. Since many individuals respond well to new and unique things, pamphlets and brochures are likely to make a powerful impact on new and returning customers.

They’re Easier to Get Right

In many cases, new types of advertising can be difficult to get right. Whether it’s email, television, or some other form of advertising, getting your message across effectively can be quite a challenge. Since print advertising is less aggressive, though, you can spend more time designing your brochures and pamphlets to ensure they make a good impression. Plus, with high-quality digital printing available, there’s no limit to what you can do.

They Provide a Good Return on Investment

Since print advertising isn’t as popular as it used to be, you’re likely to find that you can print large quantities of pamphlets and brochures for very little money. Therefore, even if some people ignore your marketing materials, you will still end up ahead compared to other types of advertising thanks to the smaller upfront investment. Plus, since many people will bring a print advertisement with them when they’re responding to what they read, it’s easier to get a gauge on the effectiveness of your brochure or pamphlet so that you know how to move forward.

They’re Easy to Display

Unless someone prints your email and hangs it on their refrigerator, they’re very unlikely to see it repeatedly. However, a well-made print advertisement that sparks interest may well end up in a place of prominence to provide your customers with a constant reminder of your services. This makes it much easier to create positive word of mouth and makes you less likely to be forgotten. 

If you’re using your brochure or pamphlet as supplemental information for customers, it’s a good idea to ask if they would like to take home some information instead of providing it to them without asking. Taking this simple step will help create interest in the information you provide and ensure that only truly interested people will receive a pamphlet. This creates less waste and helps you to increase your success amongst a captive audience.

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