Get To Know the Most Common Advertising Campaign Types


In today’s world, most people can say there are advertising campaigns they can remember from their childhood days that made a lasting impression. They can probably also trace the effect of that chain of promotional messaging on their purchasing habits.

Business enterprises have several kinds of ad campaigns at their disposal to help them communicate with their target audience. But not all ad campaigns are created equal. Some will prove more effective than others in winning the hearts and minds of the masses.

A worthwhile advertising campaign will make your brand and your products memorable by giving them a unique, appealing identity and tapping into the feelings of potential buyers.

Here are some of the options available to you and how they can help you capture your target audience.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is now considered one of the more traditional advertising channels. Two or three decades ago, having a marketing campaign that didn’t include purchasing real estate in the more popular newspapers or magazines was almost unthinkable. In this age when publications primarily display their content online, some exclusively so, print advertising may feel superfluous.

However, print advertising still has a place in marketing campaigns today. It still has the power to deliver branding messages and influence purchasing decisions effectively. But print advertising will work for some niches better than it will for others. The age group in your target audience will be vital in deciding whether or not to use print.

Print advertising is not exclusive to newspapers and magazines; it also includes the use of posters and flyers as well as brochures. This was part of a print ad campaign if you have ever received a postcard or letter in your (physical) mailbox.

Choosing which form of print campaign to reach your target audience, especially in the big cities, can be challenging if you don’t have solid experience in the field. A branding and advertising agency in New York can help you achieve your marketing goals using this medium. 

Social Media

Half of the world’s population uses social media, according to researchers. Therefore, you would be doing your business a great disservice if you did not tap into the power of social media to promote your brand.

For your social media ad campaign to be effective, you need to select the right platform, to begin with. It’s important to find out how active your target audience is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube before channeling your messages there.

How effective your social media campaign will be will also depend on the size of the following you have on your chosen platform. Generating a large organic following from scratch is hard work and can take a long time. You may want to use paid social media ads in that case.

There’s also always the option of approaching an influencer with a large following and whose image matches your products to help push your brand with some well-timed posts.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters offer businesses a great way to create a more personal connection with their target audience. You can use this avenue to create awareness of products that are suited to the needs of a particular market niche. To enhance the chances of a positive response, you can attach an introductory discount.

This channel can also help you harness precious data about the preferences and needs of your targeted demographic. You can use it to get feedback on product ideas or concepts to see if they are viable before pumping thousands of dollars into them.

To ensure your email marketing campaign offers you a good return on investment, you need to start by creating and steadily growing a subscriber list. Your website will play an important role in this. You also need to adapt the content of your messages to entice readers into action—to either respond to the email or click through to your website.


Thanks to the explosion of the internet and social media, TV advertising is not the dominant force it once was. Plunging thousands of dollars into a few seconds of prime time advertising may not sound like the shrewdest use of your advertising budget in this day and age.

However, this advertising medium still has its use in creating awareness around a brand and its products. Depending on your demographic, local or national advertising spots or infomercials can help generate interest in your brand.


You may not remember the last time you tuned in to any local radio station, but there are still people who are loyal listeners. If your niche resides in a particular region, you can pay for a slot to promote your brand.

Data is Your Friend

In choosing which medium will most effectively convey your promotional messages, you need to pay attention to what the numbers say. Try and get as much information about the habits of your niche audience, specifically regarding the social media platform they spend most of their time on. This will provide the biggest boost to your chances of reaching them through your campaigns. 

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