3 Biggest PPC Mistakes and How to Solve Them


Sydney represents more than 7% of the overall economy of Australia. As the biggest city in the country in terms of population, its market is one of the toughest to compete in. Due to tough competition, investing in marketing strategies like PPC in Sydney could be the key to a company’s success. This paid ad strategy can help supplement your current organic efforts to reach your target audiences and drive higher conversions. 

However, pay-per-click campaigns usually require consistent optimisation to get your desired results. But it can be affected if you continue to commit some of the most common mistakes that could drag down the efficacy of your campaigns. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid and how to solve them to ensure your PPC success.  

Mistake #1: Using Only Broad Match Keywords

Keywords are crucial for every pay-per-click ad campaign. You need to begin with strong keyword research to determine the right search terms relevant to your audience’s intent and the products or services you offer. However, some digital marketers leave out the precisely researched terms as broad match keywords in their campaigns. 

To address this, you must incorporate the phrase match and exact match terms into your PPC campaigns. This strategy is crucial, especially if you are aiming to boost your conversions. You may also switch any type of high-quality search terms that are presently broad to match your phrase match keywords. 

Mistake #2: Avoiding Negative Keyword Implementation

Most digital marketers believe that proper targeting is the only way to gain in paid advertising strategies. While exact match and phrase match keywords are helpful in your targeting goals, using negative keywords can also help you achieve your PPC in Sydney campaigns. 

Negative keywords refer to the search terms that are often filtered out when users searched your ads. Without it, your ads can appear on search queries that are unnecessary to your offer or in your target user’s intent. As a result, it can help generate clicks that can consume your budget without generating positive ROI. You may solve this problem by identifying your negative keywords before launching the campaign and tag them to improve your search results. 

Mistake #3: Concentrating Solely on the Incorrect Success Metrics 

Setting clear goals is a crucial element for a successful PPC ad campaign. It could be anything from raising brand or product awareness or boosting organic traffic or leads. But while launching PPC campaigns without clear goals can be a recipe for disaster, it is also a mistake to focus on the inappropriate success metrics. 

You may fix this problem by ensuring that the success metrics that you use are directly linked to the goals that you set before launching the campaign. For example, you must look into the impressions that are important for awareness campaigns if that is what you are aiming for. However, you may put it in your most minor priorities if your campaign targets lead generation. 

Aside from these common mistakes, the biggest and most glaring mistake you may commit to setting a PPC campaign in Sydney is launching your paid advertising strategy and then completely forgetting about it. You may only have a successful PPC advertising campaign if you put some effort into it and consider it as a work in progress. 

It is also necessary to monitor your PPC performance consistently. Then, you must use the relevant metrics and make the required adjustments to boost your results and achieve the most significant ROI. 


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