Top Tips For Overcoming Your Smoking Habit


Vanquishing a smoking addiction is no easy feat, but with the right set of measures in place, the process should become more manageable as time goes by.

This is likely not something you can achieve wholly alone, depending on how long you’ve been smoking for. There will be tough days ahead here, but with a healthy combination of perseverance and help, this achievement can very much be yours for the taking. But where should you begin, and how can you stay the course? 

Keep reading to discover some useful top tips on how to overcome your smoking habit. 

Source Inspiration

Quitting a smoking habit can seem impossible, but of course, it isn’t. Therefore, seeking inspiration from those who came before you could be a good place to begin, motivating you to see all of this through. 

In 2020, BBC News reported that a record one million people quit smoking, the highest numbers in a decade. 41% of the quitters stated their action was a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic, too. The tough times all have experienced over the last year has made people want to make the most of their lives and whatever time they have left, which means something like smoking has no place in their routines. 

The news that one million people have quit in such a short space of time is also encouraging simply by the volume of quitters too. If so many people can do it, why not you? Anticipate the challenges ahead but know that success here is well within reach. 

Involve Friends and Family 

Talking about your issues with those closest to you can be a big help in any matter you’re struggling with. 

In the case of smoking, if you can communicate your efforts to your loved ones, you may increase your chances of success here. For example, sharing your goals here could: 

  • Increase your motivation: No one likes to be seen failing at something, so knowing that your efforts are being somewhat monitored might give you an extra kick to succeed. 
  • Make you more accountable: It’s a simple fact that smoking affects others and not just yourself. It can even fracture what are otherwise strong relationships. If others are part of your decision, you’ll be quitting for them too. 
  • Give you positive reinforcement: It’s nice to be cheered on when you’re doing something different. Other people’s proudness of you can be your fuel to succeed. 
  • Provide anecdotal examples: Many people know a smoker who succeeded or failed in quitting. If your network can provide some anecdotes of either side, it may spur you on to the finish line. 
  • Ward away other smokers: If some of your friends and family continue to smoke, they will know not to offer you cigarettes, or smoke near you at all. 

Friends and family carry an infectious energy with them, as well as a teamworking spirit for those they care about. Your quitting of smoking can be a common cause for you all to unite under. Who knows, maybe your quitting smoking will bring you all closer together as a unit? Your efforts here will be a display of good character, and of traits like bravery and commitment to a cause. Therefore, this could all only be the beginning of your self-improvement journey, which might be an exciting prospect to consider…  

Vape with a Specialised Supplier 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so going completely cold turkey on all enjoyable consumables is not an advisable step to take. This is where vaping enters the picture. 

For example, this vape shop are staffed by knowledgeable vapers who love to help people make the all-important leap from cigarettes to vaping. They have everything you need due to their stock being of the highest standard, so they can get you started and nurture your interest with all the latest optional accessories and flavours. With their help, you can kick your bad habit in no time, as their team is assembled largely out of ex-smokers too. They’re familiar with your struggle and know how to help. Do you need still more options? Feel free to browse this website for a licensed retailer. Remember that there is health involved every time you take such decisions.

It’s worth noting that the official health stance on vaping is that they carry small risk, but generally not enough to be seriously concerned about, especially when compared to smoking. In 2019, vape shops were opened up in two hospitals here in the UK, which was part of initiative to clamp down on smoking specifically. The best vape suppliers are trusted professionals who care about your help, so shop with them if you’re serious about quitting smoking. 


Hopefully, some of the advice above has suitably resonated with you. Help is available everywhere from stories in the media, to your personal network, and even to trusted vape suppliers, so try not to treat all of this as a solo effort. Quitting an addiction can feel incredibly isolating, as if you’re the only person going through it, but all the information above proves that the reality of things is quite different. Take the plunge, assemble trusted persons around you, and you’ll make progress in no time.

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