7 Best Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills


Are you holding a management role already? Is leadership your career goal? Then, you have made a great choice to learn or improve your leadership skills. You should know that irrespective of your current position, there are various ways to showcase your leadership skills, as this will enhance your work efficiency and progress.

Here are seven best ways to enhance your leadership skills to ensure an adequate and positive effect as you paddle your leadership.

Seven ways to be a better leader

  1. Set clear goals

Set goals and objectives with deadlines and build plans to accomplish them. With goals, you have a path to follow. Ensure that the goals are in line with the overall mission and vision of the organization. Share your goals with your team. It is your responsibility as the leader to provide your team with purpose and priority.

Carry your team members along. Let members understand the value and effect of each goal. Meet with them to discuss, designate, and analyze the goals. This shows that they are valued in the team. You can use various overtime tracking applications and software to track your goals. Formulate and implement action plans that are achievable and related to your goals. You can use timesheet applications too for a broader time tracking avenue.

  1. Identify and utilize your leadership strengths, tackle your weaknesses

Nobody is born with all features of a good leader. It takes time, dedication, effort, resources, and sometimes some assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses. An understanding of your ability, talents, and strength implies that you can effectively utilize them. A deep understanding of your weaknesses will also enable you to know what to improve on and prevent its negative effect on you and your work.

With this knowledge, you can focus on your strengths as you work to adjust your weaknesses. It may be good to get a mentor. To access your strengths and weaknesses, you can discuss with your mentor, trustworthy colleague. You can even take some assessment or personality tests. Another way to analyze your strengths and weaknesses is to evaluate actions that you have been credited, awarded, or praised for. Measure the consistency of the actions and the praises.

  1. Be Passionate

In leadership, passion is one significant skill that must be displayed. To succeed as a leader, you must have a deep passion, affection, and dedication to your work and tasks. Show compassion to your colleagues, team members, and subordinates. Develop various ways to demonstrate your passion. People feel motivated when they know that their leaders value them.

Appreciate their contributions with some expressions. Ask about their progress and well-being. With genuine passion and dedication from you as the leader, your team will be encouraged to put in efforts to ensure that the goals are achieved. Be passionate about yourself, too. With this, it becomes easy to develop a passion for other people and things. Additionally, you can also try looking at these smart leadership goals examples for more information.

  1. Be a role model

Your team members are looking up to you. People admire leaders who move and talk. Leadership is not only about giving directions and orders. Members respect and emulate leaders who are dutiful and work on their roles diligently.

To be a model, you must be a good listener, have the skills to delegate responsibility efficiently, and also have the ability to inspire others. As you motivate them to work on their tasks, they tend to see you as worthy of emulation. Show leadership skills your team wants from you.

  1. Enhance your communication skills 

The ability to communicate effectively is among the most critical skills of a good leader. This encompasses acquiring correct information, analyzing the information, and disseminating it through a clear and accessible channel. It involves the clear communication of the team’s goals to the members. Another significant communication skill that a good leader should possess is excellent listening skills. It is therefore imperative that, as a leader and representative of your organization, you train your speaking skills. Many organizations, such as Thought-Leader, offer guidance and support about creating signature talks that are memorable.

  1. Admit your failures and weaknesses then and learn from them

As a general saying goes, “Nobody is above mistake.” Every individual is bound to make mistakes and face some failures or challenges at one point or another. What sets a good leader apart is avoiding failures and the ability to admit problems and weaknesses when they occur.

Communicate the issue to your team so that everyone can work together to look out for the causes and solutions. This must be done in a good manner, not to inflict fear or reduce the team’s confidence in its leadership and goals.

  1. Continue to educate and improve yourself

Learning never stops, and nobody is an island of knowledge. You must progress in gaining the required knowledge to work efficiently as a leader. You may need to go for some leadership training or courses to learn the skills the role requires. It can be soft or hard skills. Be open to other people’s ideas. This will ease your affairs on the position as people will want to work with you and not leave you to it.


A good leader has a lot to build. Leadership skills involve regular updates of yourself, passion, ability, skills, and targets. Strong leadership skills are vital to progressing your career. As you have seen, leadership is far more than just being in control. You are a good leader if you can motivate others, inspire them, and accomplish goals. Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle, you can find her on Twitter & LinkedIn. She has good experience and knowledge in the field.

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