How Leadership Training and Mentoring Can Develop Future Leaders


If you want to be successful in your workplace, chances are you’ll need to brush up on your leadership skills. And while leadership skills come naturally for some people, for most of us, it’s something we have to train for.

But this training is beneficial in more ways than most of us know. In addition to meeting new people and building your network, the skills gained through leadership development activities can make you a more effective worker and help you get promoted quickly

Are you ready to become a highly-skilled leader in your workplace? Read on to learn about how these types of leadership training can help you win people over and be successful in any career. 

Effective Types of Leadership Training

With everyone having unique strengths and weaknesses, there are some types of training that are better suited for some than others. What leadership development activities are right for you? It depends on the skill set you have and what you’d like to achieve in your career. 

Fortunately, there are a ton of different kinds of leadership development training for you to choose from. Here are a few that everyone should look into. 

Senior-Junior Mentoring

Working with a mentor who has gained years of experience in your field can provide you with a ton of insight. By discussing your leadership skills and practices with them, your mentor can also help determine what areas you need to work more on.

This mentoring can also go both ways. Sometimes, junior employees can teach new skills to their senior mentors. 

The Kano Model

Named after the popular ’80s leader Noriako Kano, the kano model of training is ideal for learning how to best work with customers. It utilizes the types of qualities that customers are looking for when searching for a product.

This skill is a must-have for anyone in marketing and sales. In one Harvard Business Review Study, high-performing sales leaders reported their average annual quota at 105%, whereas their underperforming peers only reached an average of 54%. 

By practicing this model, you will easily sell any product at hand by relating to and conversing with your customers. But this model isn’t just for salespeople. Through learning how to communicate with others, you can use your well-practiced skills to engage with your peers in any career setting. 

Public Speaking Training

If you’re included in the 75% of the population who is afraid of public speaking, practicing this skill is a great way to build upon your leadership skills.

Through this practice, you can lead your group discussions and present information in front of crowds with ease. And with loads of free clubs and workshops in every city, finding public speaking training can be done fairly easily. 

Start Building Your Skills

While you obtain more leadership skills through completing this training, you can practice your learned skills by seeking additional opportunities in your workplace or through volunteer organizations.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or critiques along the way – these suggestions can help you develop even further in your career. 

Now that you know more about how to develop leadership skills, you’re ready to find the right training practices for you. Launch your career the right way by finding the best leadership training today!

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