6 Ways to Build a Purpose-Driven Business


When starting a business many CEOs are full of energy and potential, as they try their very best to develop their business. There are high expectations to fulfill, and the bulk of the focus is placed on reaching good KPIs, managing assets, and optimizing cash flow. However, there is a common pattern with these kinds of companies. They all lack a higher purpose and don’t make it very far. Without substance, businesses cannot last for very long. This means that businesses have to turn their initial ideas and mottos into an actualized work ethic. And this is what sets companies that make it in the long run apart from the ones that flop after 10 years. Here are six excellent ways to build a purpose-driven business. 

Make your goals clearer

Without clarity, there is no progress. Companies have to elucidate what their general goals are. This is the only way to effectively filter out flashy and ego-driven goals from the ones that actually matter. The goals that do remain and that make a genuine difference are what people refer to as ‘purpose’. This allows company leaders to persevere no matter how challenging times might get. Not only does this boost overall morale but it also allows for much more efficient decision-making. 

Learn what drives your team

At the core of every good business are the employees. Without hard-working people running the show, there is no such plan or a grand vision that can be effectively executed. That is why modern companies that understand the power of the purpose-driven approach usually focus on their work culture. The most important thing to understand here is what drives your team. No two groups of people will have the same preferences, qualities, and values. That is why it is important to connect closer together with your teams and identify what particular aspects of work motivate them. Team building exercises are a great opportunity to test this. This can serve as a great way to bridge the gap between the things that your teams value and what the overall company’s purpose is.  

Reiterate your cause

Once companies start rolling and there is good momentum. The initial drive and motivation can start to wane. This doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. It is simply a natural occurrence when developing any business. In fact, this is a perfect opportunity to make updates while reconnecting with the initial mission statement. Circumstances and opportunities change, but the core principles always remain it’s just a matter of taking the right steps. That is why successful businesses recognize the value of always putting purpose into practice. Constantly taking new steps to discover how best to pivot and reiterate using the initial underlying foundation. If this is correctly implemented the purpose still remains it’s just that the scale of it is much bigger. There are more services being offered, more global partnerships, better connections with stakeholders, and more trust and motivation within the organization.

Pay extra attention to your customers

A good business purpose should ultimately revolve around delivering the ultimate experience for the customers. Whether it is a service or a product, your customers recognize the good value. Think about what it is that has attracted your initial customers, and what it is that has kept your most loyal customers for so long. Here lies the answer to what you should be focusing on. Every good business creates a service or a product that makes a huge impact. However, it is important to understand what made that product so valued and desired by your customers. What was the general motto and purpose of your business at that moment?  Once this is carefully analyzed and assessed it is possible to craft the ultimate recipe and bring irreplaceable value to your customers. 

Contribute in a unique way

When developing your company’s business purpose, it is essentially important to see what is currently missing on the market. Perhaps there is an urgent need for a particular service or a product that could solve a major social issue and your business could be the pioneer of it. Ultimately, the importance should be placed on providing quality and genuine service above all else. This is what brings massive following and respect.

Make a positive global change

In the grand scheme of things, your business should be able to make the world a better place. A purposed-driven business recognizes what is good about a particular market and what is just outright bad. A company can even serve as an advocate for many social movements and deal with issues regarding inequality, inclusivity, and general injustice. 

In order to develop a lasting business and leave a strong legacy it is necessary to outline the initial mission statement. This serves as the guiding light for every important business decision later down the road. Some of the ways to achieve this include: making goals clearer, focusing on your team as well as your customers, updating your presuppositions, solving global issues, and bringing unique value. 

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