Tips For Curating A Quality HR Training Programme


Human Resources departments are supposed to be the backbone of businesses. They ensure workers’ rights are protected and that fair, ethical workplaces are established and maintained.

That said, HR departments can make controversial decisions that land them on shaky legal ground. They’re as prone to misguided judgements and bouts of human error as anybody else. Only sufficient training can put them on the straight and narrow path toward success. 

If you’re a business leader, you must provide your HR personnel with a carefully curated training programme. Below you’ll find some tips to aid you in this effort.

Focus the Training

Some workers view training as a little chore to tick boxes and waste time. However, much more than busy work should be gained from these experiences. 

HR departments have broad but integral responsibilities to a firm’s functioning. They deploy numerous skills daily to keep things running and will undoubtedly have many strengths and weaknesses to address at any time. Therefore, the training programme needs to address the department’s flaws with great precision, ensuring the course in question fulfils an immediate need. 

Performance surveys are often sent out by HR departments. Ask your personnel to be similarly introspective. What areas could they work on? Can they name specific things they want to achieve short-term and long-term? Is there a scope of training they’d like to receive? You can also engage an external consultant for their input. Ultimately, your HR personnel will be more invested in their training programme if it addresses their core concerns.

Invest in Online Training

Businesses are increasingly going digital in their operations. Training is no exception, giving workers access to a wider world of richer learning opportunities. 

The approved and accredited online training courses from iHASCO are aimed towards HR workers and can enrich career and business prospects enormously. The simple-to-use learning platform has a huge library of video-based, high-quality courses covering various aspects of professional life. Moreover, these offerings include closed captions, are translated into over 35 international languages, and can be accessed from any device. 

By implementing these measures, none of your HR personnel will fall behind with the training. They may also feel more motivated to engage, knowing they can continue pursuing these opportunities from their smartphones later if they run out of time at their desks. Online training is on-demand career enrichment, giving HR personnel and others a way to feel more connected to their development.

Utilise HRM Software

Human Resources Management software can unlock many doors when it comes to the training potential of your personnel. They will upskill themselves through the use of these systems alone. 

In a world where some question whether HR is their friend, HRM software can provide unequivocally positive answers. Robust reporting systems allow issues to be promptly identified and solved, industry data can be assessed to avoid mistakes competitors made, and greater analytics can be sought for deeper insights into firm concerns.

HRM software gives users a sharper overview of attendance tracking, payroll, benefits, and staff recruitment and retention. Therefore, training around HRM software allows your HR personnel to be more omnipresent and multifaceted, helping them realise the full potential of every learning opportunity associated with these systems. Many other related training avenues can be explored too.

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