Gift Ideas For Your Top Performers


It’s that time of year again when holiday planning in the workplace begins. From deciding on where to hold the annual holiday party, to what the general theme of gift giving will be and how much will be spent. The most valuable members of your team deserve something more personal in addition to their annual holiday bonus. Show your appreciation with these five great gift options to put under the tree for your top-performing employees.

Pen Set

While handwriting may be a lost art, there are still plenty of occasions when you need a nice pen. Make sure your best employees can always sign checks and jot down notes in style with a luxury pen set. Have it engraved with their name and a special sentiment for a personalized touch.


Every employee needs a good briefcase. If one of your employees is toting their laptop around in a tattered old bag, give them an upgrade with a designer briefcase. Choose a sturdy vegan leather material for a cruelty-free case that will last many years, and consider adding a set of custom luggage tags from this website to take your gift to the next level.


Many people appreciate a nice bottle of wine. Any employee who considers themselves a foodie or who likes to host dinners often could use a bottle to add to their collection. A good place to start when picking out a bottle of wine as a gift is to think about the season you are in. People don’t want the same wines in summer as they do over the Christmas period. For some unique selections check out Two Vintners.


Is there a book that has inspired you in your career? Share it with your top employees as a special holiday gift, and remember to include a personal inscription on the inside cover. If you want to go the extra mile, consider gifting an eBook reader or tablet with your favorite inspirational selections pre-loaded on the device. Check out this website.

Gift Cards

Do you want to give your employees an amazing gift, but you’re at a loss for what to buy? You can’t go wrong with gift cards. From high-end restaurants and luxury spas to local coffee shops and bookstores, you can find a gift card to suit any taste or budget.

When distributing gifts to employees, keep in mind that it’s important to avoid fostering jealously among your team. If you are purchasing gifts for some employees but not others, consider handing them out discretely or host a special event outside of office hours. You can also give everyone a gift or have a Secret Santa exchange so that no one feels left out.

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