Tips for Starting Your Own Business Without Burning the Candle at Both Ends


Starting a business requires a ton of work and it’s work that covers all aspects of the spectrum. From developing a business plan to obtaining funding to generating sales leads to brand building, the risk of burnout for business owners is real. There must be a sense of balance – a clear line of demarcation between your business life and the other aspects of life.

Be Discerning With Your Time

Part of finding success in a business venture – or any venture – is to kindle a discipline within yourself to avoid unnecessary distractions. The goal is to not be wholly absorbed by your burgeoning business venture, but that doesn’t mean that during the daytime hours you’re not one hundred percent task-oriented.

The reason you never see the most successful people in business engaging with social media all day the way that most people seem to is that they’re too busy and too disciplined. They don’t scroll through Instagram or binge-watch television shows. Their focus is on the work that needs to be done.

When your day begins, you should have three goals and the first two support the third. Your diet and exercise routine should underpin the day’s mental and physical needs. Otherwise, when you’re not working, you’re resting or getting nourishment or exercising. That’s the kind of indefatigable spirit necessary to help your business achieve lift-off.

Some folks take supplements to help them keep focused throughout the day. You might ask, what is Thrive? Thrive is a nutritional supplement that supports all sorts of mental and physical processes.

Set Parameters for Your Schedule

Another essential element is related to balance and realistic expectations. Setting up your business is not a sprint. You’re not going to finish up by nightfall. To that end, you should establish a time of day at which point you shut off your engine and move on to other phases of your life.

Taking time away from work will actually help to gain perspective on issues that you’re dealing with. The most difficult part of setting parameters is when you’re hit with an inspired thought and feel the desire to rush to your computer to begin uploading that thought. Instead, write it on a sticky note and go back to relaxing with the family or watching the game.

Organize Your Errands

Your to-do list will certainly feel overwhelming but that doesn’t mean that it needs to overwhelm you. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a business. One of the fundamentals of building your business is organizing the logistics of the various aspects of the operation. It’s not totally dissimilar from dovetailing a project.

You (and your team) must produce data to get the ball rolling. As you’re asking and answering the questions that will refine your idea and define your brand, you can begin writing your business plan. As you’re writing the plan, you can be conducting market research and clarifying your target customers.

Still, there are matters of finance and insurance to cover, creating your online presence and developing a workforce. Take a breath. The simple trick to dealing with all of these elements is to arrange them into your schedule and stick to it. Just before you transition from business to the rest of your life, give tomorrow’s schedule a read. Not to dwell on throughout the evening, but so you can wake up with one foot on the ground in the morning.

Starting and maintaining a business venture can feel like running a bunch of marathons in a row. There are strategies and techniques, though, to help you manage your daily affairs while keeping your eye on the big-picture stuff and allowing you to get sufficient rest. You can’t build a bridge in one fell swoop. Rather, it’s done in an organized fashion, one brick at a time, over time.

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