How Can You Improve Your Business’ Customer Service?


Every great business needs to have a winning customer service model. Good products and fair prices are not enough to propel a business towards maximum profitability. The quality of your service is a huge factor in customer’s initial estimation of your business, and it could very well be the determinative factor in their decision-making process in choosing to continue working with you. Here are a few different ways that you can step up your business’ customer service.

Organize Your Customers’ Information

To convey that you value treating your customers well, you need a comprehensive system to manage your relationships with them. Using a customer data platform to centralize information can save your business time and money. It also simplifies work for your team members and equips them to shape better customer materials.

What is customer data platform technology and how will it help you administer better service? This type of organizational system stores and access all of the information that you have about individual customers.

Centralizing their data on one platform ensures that everyone within a department has all of the information that they need about a customer. Sales team members will have at-a-glance access to vital statistics that they need to have an edge in steering customer interactions. Customers’ demographic information and purchase history, for example, can be great resources for personalizing communications and services.

Ask for Feedback

Your customers can give you useful insight into what you need to do to ramp up your service model. Ask people to fill out surveys after they complete transactions or seek out assets with an order.

Customers appreciate that companies want to know how they’re doing, but they won’t always be eager to take the time to fill out a survey. Consider a promotional offer as a way to say thank you. Also, it is a good practice to respond to completed surveys with a message thanking people for their help, expressing gratitude for their business, and reiterating your commitment to providing them with exceptional service.

Give Your Team a Playbook for Winning Over Customers

Not every obstacle in a sales process will be exactly the same, and not every customer service issue will mirror one another. In fact, repetitive reports of issues are a clear indication that there’s an inherent flaw with some aspect of your products or operations. Nevertheless, just about every type of business is bound to field repetitive problems in making sales and troubleshooting problems.

Spare your people from having to reinvent the wheel every time that they encounter a service problem that they need to resolve. Whether a customer is expressing hesitation about a particular element of a transaction or getting in touch to troubleshoot an issue using a product, it probably is not a novel occurrence in your business. You should equip your sales and service representatives with a playbook that gives them clear instructions about how to resolve setbacks as efficiently as possible. Reviewing scenarios in training exercises is an excellent way to make sure that this type of material really sticks with your team members. It will make them more confident in their interactions, and your customers will be impressed that your representatives are ready and able to offer a remedy.

Put customer service at the core of your business’s values and company culture. Identifying your current strengths and weaknesses in how you manage your relationships with your customers. Set clear and attainable goals for raising the caliber of service that people and businesses receive when they choose to work with your company. Use precise metrics to gauge whether your efforts are going to help you reach those goals.

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