Planning a Corporate Event? 4 Amenities You Need for a Successful Party


Corporate events are very important for many companies. They allow your employees to gather together in a setting different from your offices so they can learn new information regarding your industry, to network with professionals, and even have some fun afterwards. Planning a successful after party at a corporate event requires having the right amenities on hand. Below are four musts for your next corporate event party.


A party isn’t really a party without food. Make sure the catering you do provide is high quality and varied enough to meet everyone’s dietary needs. Some vegan and gluten-free choices might be necessary. After a long day of business related functions at such an event, everyone will be hungry and will greatly appreciate the food.

Lighting Engineer

One of the most overlooked elements of corporate events is the lighting. Lighting is very important in regards to creating the desired atmosphere. It should change throughout the event. When you have public speakers in front of an audience, you obviously want to drive attention to the stage. During networking events, there should be much more equal lighting throughout the room to facilitate more communication. However, during the party, you may want things a bit darker and more atmospheric to get people in the mood to dance and party. Overall, you’ll need a lighting engineer to accomplish this.


Music, of course, is always a must for any party, even ones held at corporate events.

Make sure to hire a talented DJ like Bar Mitzvah DJ to supply the room and dance floor with the tunes that will help your employees relax and have fun after a long day of events. Be careful with the playlist. Consider the ages of your employees as well as their musical preferences in general so you can choose a playlist everyone will enjoy.

Open Bar

While the corporate setting is often rather sterile, when it comes to a party at a corporate event, you can dispense with some of the rules. An open bar is sure to go over well with your employees. A party thrown after an event should allow for a few drinks to help everyone unwind and let loose a bit.

Overall, a party at a corporate event is still a party. Things like the appropriate lighting, music, food, and drink are all needed to make a successful party. Make sure to supply these amenities so your employees actually have a good time and feel appreciated. They deserve it from all the hard work they do for your company.

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