Customer Service Horror Stories


Most customers think they are always right, even when they are not. They can be demanding and still not satisfied with what they receive, no matter how hard you try. “I want to speak to your manager!That’s the hallmark of stereotypical “Karen,” someone who’s just too demanding, too entitled, or acts like a child in tantrums. 

And then there is the customers’ side of story that includes long wait times, unhelpful or rude staff, and a general feeling of being ignored or unimportant. Not many realize that very often poor customer service is simply the result of understaffing or poor training. 

Tidio, an all-round customer service tool, has collected harrowing customer support stories and anecdotes from the depths of the internet and asked internet users to share their own experiences. 

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Customer service nightmare story #1:

We all sometimes have the urge to buy flour at 10:55 PM, especially when we need to prepare a cake for our kid for the next day. It’s totally understandable. However, sometimes this urge can result in a massive attack by frightful shoppers!

Customer service nightmare story #2:

The corporate policy of most stores says that as long as the customer is in the store, the staff must wait for them to finish shopping. What about those that burst through the closed door? 

Customer service nightmare story #3:

I think it’s safe to say that all of us have had a “Karen moment” at some point.  But how would you react if the customer starts shouting at you just because he doesn’t like the way you looked at him. That’s a real Karen moment.

Customers’ nightmare story #1:

When you’re in a relationship, sometimes, you want to go out for a fancy, romantic dinner, right? But how would you react if the waitress started flirting with your partner and ignored your presence for the whole night?

Customers’ nightmare story #2:

Ordering pizza should be a nice and smooth procedure. As it turns out, 

.. it can really become a horror story, like with this delivery man who leaves a quite disturbing note for the customer. 

Customers’ nightmare story #3:

When you have an allergy, the last thing you want to experience is eating your meal at restaurants with the ingredients that you’re allergic to.

Here’s a story of when employees not only gave the customer her meal with such an ingredient but also behaved like they knew better what is she is allergic to:

The majority of similar situations come from simple misunderstandings and not bad intentions. If you work in customer service, remaining calm and professional can help mitigate the situation. When the customer is unreasonable or uncooperative, you may need to end the conversation.

If you are a customer, remember that the customer service representative is trying their best to help you. Be respectful and patient, and try to avoid getting angry. By remaining calm on both sides, the issue is more likely to be resolved positively.

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