Becoming a Effective Manager


Good management is essential to a business’s success. If a manager can’t properly motivate the people under them, those employees will quit and reduce the company’s productivity. If you’re a manager, you must work to maintain a good working relationship with your staff. The following tips will help you work to be the best manager possible. 

Get to Know Your Employees

One of the first steps you can take to becoming a better manager is getting to know your employees. It can be easy to fall into the mindset that the role of a leader is aloof and distant, but the opposite is true. Whether you manage a team of 5 or 100, you should know their names and interests. When you treat your employees well, they are much more likely to work hard. Your staff is the company’s greatest chance for success, so make sure you treat them well. 

Along similar lines, effective management should also include employee feedback. While it’s not possible to give your staff everything they want, you should consider serious requests. If multiple employees are complaining about similar issues, do what you can to fix it. Listening to your employees will help them feel more valued and respected, helping you make connections in the long run. No matter what size your team is, learning more about your staff will help you be a successful manager. 

Top Up Your Training

Another aspect of successful management is training. As a manager, you receive updates about new products and processes before your staff does. Because you’re privy to this information, it’s essential to use it correctly. Before you push an update to your team, make sure you understand the new material. Learning the material well will allow you to answer any of your employee’s questions, which will help you earn respect as a leader. 

You shouldn’t stop your training with company policies, however. Throughout your career as a manager, you must continue learning how to better yourself. Taking courses such as negotiation training, sales policies, and customer service basics will help you understand your employees and manage them more effectively. You can take many of these courses online, which will allow you to keep up with both work and learning. No matter how experienced you are, it’s essential to never stop learning. 

Lead By Example

Finally, an effective manager will lead by example. While you have a different job description than your employees, you should never ask them to do tasks you wouldn’t be willing to do. Although you are a manager, you aren’t a dictator. When you lay out a rule or guideline for your staff to follow, make sure you’re following it as well. Additionally, don’t use your team to do the things you simply don’t feel like doing. One of the most crucial parts of effective management is being respected by your employees, and leading by example will help you gain that respect. 

Similarly, it’s also essential that you take accountability as a leader. No matter how much work you put into bettering yourself, you’ll make a mistake eventually. When that happens, be honest with your team. Tell them you messed up and then work to fix it. When you take responsibility for your mistakes instead of sweeping them under the rug, your employees are much more likely to come to you for help. Accountability shows your staff that you’re human, but you’re willing to put in the work to achieve a goal. With that one simple act, you’ll gain the respect and admiration of your staff. When you lead by example, you push toward effective management. 

Overall, connecting with your employees will help you become an effective manager. When you put yourself in their shoes, you can help them maintain their highest level of productivity. 

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