How to be More Personable with Your Business Clients


The customer is an integral part of any business, and you won’t be able to generate any profits without a steady clientele. If you want to retain and grow the number of clients your business has, you should try to find as many ways as possible to be more personable with each client, so that they’ll be more likely to want to continue doing business with you and recommend your company to other people.

Remember Names

Clients will feel more welcome if you and your staff members simply remember their names when they visit or contact your business. When you first meet a client, you should repeat their name back to them so that it sticks in your mind better. You can also remember names better by associating some personal details with a particular client.

Remember Personal Preferences

If a client has a favorite product or service, you can try to remember this information to provide a more efficient and personable customer experience. You can also save details of personal preferences in a client’s account information so that you can reference the details quickly and give the client what they want faster.

Find Ways to Reach More People at Once

If you run a larger company, you may find it difficult to connect with clients individually. You can use the power of technology to create special messages that will allow you to connect with more people at the same time. One of the best ways to do this is with text automation, which allows you to transmit messages without having to spend time on manual intervention. You can also create online videos with information that pertains to many of your clients and may address some common concerns.

Recognize the Importance of Offline Interactions

Modern technology can certainly help you communicate with clients through an online platform, but you shouldn’t underestimate the value of face-to-face interactions that many of your clients will likely appreciate. You might choose to meet with certain clients one on one to express how your products or services can fulfill certain needs in their lives, and you’ll also be able to listen to their honest feedback during these meetings. You can also arrange to give speeches or host events where you’ll be able to have even more in-person interactions with clients.

Don’t Just be Concerned with Profits

Like any other business, making money is your ultimate goal, but you shouldn’t be so focused on your profits that you forget about your clients. You may have to offer free or discounted products or services from time to time to keep loyal clients happy or to try to regain the trust of dissatisfied customers. You may also have to invest more time into serving the needs of certain clients instead of being so focused on your next money-making activity.

Go Beyond Expectations

By giving clients more than what they expect, they will likely feel more appreciated and will want to continue doing business with you. You can do things that your competitors aren’t doing, such as offering free product samples to try, if you want to move ahead of the competition and get more people interested in your brand.

Take Complaints and Feedback Seriously

When clients express concerns or share suggestions, you should listen to all feedback so that you can make any necessary changes to improve your customer satisfaction rating. If you ignore your clients’ feedback, they’ll likely feel neglected and probably believe that you don’t really care about them as individuals.

Follow up with Your Clients

After a client has bought a product or service from your business, you should follow up with them to find out if they are satisfied and what might need to be done to make them happy. This could involve sending out a customer satisfaction survey via email to get feedback. You might also consider reaching out personally to certain clients by phone or through email to make sure they were satisfied with their product or service and to hear any criticisms a particular client may have.


Even in the modern age, many people still like to receive personable service that may seem more reminiscent of yesteryear. If you invest the extra effort into being more personable with your clients, your business may reach new heights and move farther ahead of the competition.

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