Incident Management: Ways You’ll Need to Support Your Employees


When you are managing a business, unforeseen events will always come up. You might have to deal with a workplace injury, a harassment case between employees, or financial problems. The key to dealing with these types of problems is understanding how to give support to your employees and have an action plan ahead of time. This article will give advice on how to give support to your employees as part of your incident management plan.

Be Transparent

Whenever an incident occurs in your business, be transparent about it. Make sure your employees understand where the company is financially or that they are aware of an accident. This will build trust with them, which will ultimately improve morale around the office. Never try to hide anything from your employees as it will just make the incident worse.

Involve Your Employees in Plans

Along with being transparent about incidents in your business, make sure your employees are informed about your plans going forward. Having critical conversations with your employees is part of being a good manager. If an incident involves one employee specifically, have a meeting with them face-to-face to come up with a plan together.

Take Responsibility

Never shift the blame of an incident in your business to the employee. For example, if one of your employees was hurt on the job, take responsibility to get them a work related accident lawyer to work with. Understand that it is your responsibility to keep safety equipment around the workplace. Make sure your employee has all the tools they need to be successful in their job after any type of incident occurs as well.

Follow Up

After an incident with your employees, it’s best to avoid the temptation of ignoring the problem and pretending like it never happened. After you have taken responsibility for the incident and

helping your employee, make sure you follow up. Make sure you understand what your employee’s’ needs are going forward and be there for them. If they need ongoing support, make sure you check in from time to time.

Part of being a responsible manager is knowing how to handle incidents within your company. Make sure you understand the proper steps for handling them and have an action plan ready to go. Use the above steps to help you get started when coming up with your business’s own incident management plan.

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