5 Jobs That Make Your Resume Stand Out Above the Rest


It can be difficult to land that dream job that you’ve always wanted. When you’re applying for jobs, one of the things that discourage many people is the fact that they will get rejected by many companies before they get hired by anyone. The truth hurts, but you will probably be able to make a house out of rejection emails before you get that one that reads, “Congratulations”. But don’t let this discourage you and always remember to keep moving forward. It might feel like you just need to get lucky in your job search, but if you stay persistent, something will come along.

However, also remember to try something new every now and then. The reason why many people do not get hired is that they’re not standing out above the rest. The companies that you are applying for more than likely have dozens of applicants to think about. In order to shine, the best way is to begin with your resume. This is your first defense when it comes to getting hired. This might mean that you want to make sure that you have fulfilled certain roles for some time before you get hired on with your desired company. Consider these five jobs that make any resume stand out above the rest.

1. Customer Service Manager

The reason why just about any job that deals with customer service is valuable is that it shows that you have serious experience in dealing with customers. You know everything that the customer will throw at you, and how to properly handle their problem. If you are a manager in this field, this is even better. Customer service can come in the form of executing help desk work or handling customers face-to-face in a professional setting.

2. Project Manager

Having experience as a project manager shows that you were selected above your peers in order to do a certain, important task. Usually, projects are important tasks that need to be done by a company in order to help a client. When you are the manager of this important project, it shows that you are able to work under pressure in important settings. Just the word, “project manager”, is music to the hiring manager’s ears.

3. Financial Analyst

Being a financial analyst of some sort shows that you are good with money and reports. This is a very valuable set of skills for any business, and the company would be lucky to have you. Showing that you have experience with this means that you will be able to begin your work quickly and need almost no training. When a company sees that you will not need to have your hand held for much time because of your financial analyst experience, it is very appealing to them.

4. HR Manager

Working in HR means that you’ve seen just about anything that employees can bring to you. HR is the department that handles crises from the employees. This is valuable to any company because it shows that you know what is expected of you in a professional environment. Not only were you the manager over this entire department, but you’ve dealt with all kinds of employees and know what is expected from you at work. The company is in good hands when it hires someone who has HR experience.

5. Administrative Assistant

Last, an administrative assistant is, of course, someone who has helped the bigger managers get their tasks done in a meaningful way. Companies love people who are just willing to help with the everyday tasks that keep them from doing more important matters. They will be very pleased when they see an administrative assistant in their field of potential candidates because it means that they have someone who can help lighten the load that is on their shoulders.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to get a bit more experience before landing that dream job. This might not be your case, but if it is, consider these jobs to make your resume stand out from the rest.

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