New Paradigm Business Principles


The past year and a half has offered a significant shift in how we view, operate and work day to day in business. From leadership to employees to entrepreneurs, we have been called to bring the focus inward and ask some difficult questions from the practical to the more esoteric: Will my business survive? Can I envision a new structure for it to thrive? Am I living my true passion and purpose? 

As a founder, entrepreneur, and leader I envision a world of business where every individual is related to as a whole person. Where team culture welcomes every member to express their true value, creativity, and unique gifts.  This fresh and innovative perspective creates an opportunity for our  highest human potential to manifest. It uplifts and allows people to shine. When you create a positive, respectful and benevolent environment, it naturally inspires others to be productive, creative, and energized. This practice is instrumental in the successful expansion of our team and platform.

Bridging Best Business Practices to Best Life Practices. 

Health and wellness are top priority and the foundation for both myself, my team and overall brand message. Our personal wellbeing directly impacts our professional wellbeing and how we are able to show up for work and each other. When our tanks are empty and needing fuel and rest, we must honor that and  take time to recharge. The quality of our results from finished projects to communication always reflects how we are first and foremost caring for ourselves. 

Furthermore, if our life becomes solely focused on our work there is without a doubt a disparity, whether we are conscious of it or not. We believe in the new paradigm of business that honors a holistic approach and an innate desire for personal and professional balance. This expansive perspective provides time and space for self care and healthy habit practices in life that benefit both productivity and wellbeing. It allows us to embody health and wholeness in our family lives and primary relationships just as we do our work.  This speaks to our innate desire to bring the best of ourselves to all facets of life, calling for us to contribute to creating a better world and a more harmonious way of living. 

Defining Success: A Shift in Perspective.

The old paradigm of business often dictates an incredibly finite expression of success based solely on economic traction, with an inherent and limiting focus on “I” vs. “We”.  There is always great creative momentum and potential when we work co-creatively. True success is inclusive of balance, legacy, and benevolent service to the greater good. When coupled with profitability, there is a powerful synergy and the freedom to express our passion in life, for life, as well as our work. 

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