7 Items You Should Give Away to Your Customers


When it comes to brand recognition and ensuring that your customers are happy, there are several things that you can do. Giving items away might seem like a chore and a money waster, but the truth is when you give out promotional products, you are more likely to get returning and new customers. There are several items that you give away that will make your customers and potential customers happy.

1. Stickers

Everyone loves stickers, especially if those stickers are cool. To ensure that people remember your brand, make sure that you get custom sticker sheets that stand out. If they look cool, people will use them all the time. For example, if you have a customer that loves your sticker and puts it on their car, or on their phone case, they will be advertising for you. You will not have to pay for this free advertising, and you may have customers coming in from all over.

2. Pens and Pencils

Everyone loves getting pens and pencils from companies. It seems like no matter where you are, you never seem to have a pen on you. If you give these out and make sure that your logo is on them, this will help to ensure that you are getting your name out there. When someone is out using your pen or pencil, people will see that logo and be curious about your business.

3. Magnets

People love magnets for their refrigerators, and if you hand out magnets for your business, people will love this. When they need a product or service from you, they do not have to spend any time looking for your number. They can look straight at their refrigerator and call. If they have a friend or family member that needs your business, they can easily share it with you. When getting magnets, make sure that they look great and attract attention like these custom magnets from StickerYou.

4. Notepads

Notepads are another great idea to give your customers. These notepads can help them to remember your business whenever they use it. The notepad does not need to be expensive. Just make sure that you have your logo on the notepad where it is visible.

5. T-Shirts

Now, this option is a bit higher-end, but giving out t-shirts can help your business greatly. You do not have to give out a ton of these, and you can even do a giveaway. The cool thing about these t-shirts is that they will be free advertising for you. Whenever someone wears their shirt in public, people will see your advertisement and be more likely to call you.

6. Gift Cards

Gift cards can also be a great way to drive in more business. You do not have to give out expensive gift cards. You can go for just five or ten dollars, and that will help to encourage people to come to your business. You do not have to give everyone one. Hold a raffle or a giveaway and give a winner the card. They will help to spread the word about your business. Hosting the giveaway itself will help to drive more customers to your business.

7. Cellphone Case

A cellphone case with your logo on it can help to drive customers to your business. Just make sure that you offer quality cellphone cases and that your logo is not too big for the case. If the case is unique and looks great, more people will use it. When people are out in public using that phone case, potential customers will see it and be encouraged to call.

Giving out these promotional items will help your business grow. If you are having trouble growing your business, consider doing several of the above-listed choices. The more you do, the better seen your business will be. Many of these options are low-cost and will not break the bank. To save money, make sure that you look around for the best deals on promotional items. You may find a small business in your area that helps to create these items, or you can check out sites that are geared towards creating these promotional items. Take your time and find out which works best for you and your business.

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