How to navigate social media with coworkers


Are you connected to your colleagues on social media? While more than two-thirds of employees surveyed said they’re connected with coworkers on platforms like Facebook, the fact is that navigating various social media platforms can feel like walking through a mine field. Who should friend whom? If you decide to accept a boss’s request to connect, should you filter which of your posts they can see?

There are no hard and fast rules — unless your company has set them — so it’s up to you to decide what’s right for you. And what feels right may depend on a variety of things, like your age (Millennials are far more likely to connect with all their colleagues than Baby Boomers, for example) or your current role (generally speaking, bosses should not send their employees follow or friend requests). Find out what other factors you may want to consider before friending, following, or accepting a colleague’s request in this infographic.

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