How A Student Entrepreneur Can Get More Motivated


Starting a business in the United States is great, but it can be very challenging as a student. One of the most important concerns is how the business becomes your sole focus, and everything else goes to the back burner; your education, family, personal development. You spend so much on it, and you begin to feel like you’re missing the fun part of being a student, resulting in a lack of motivation. 

Entrepreneurs go through the most in the corporate world, and as a student, you go through twice as much. Sometimes you just need a break. Taking a break is great, but most student entrepreneurs encounter emotional hurdles trying to get their work mojo back after one. They think about juggling academic activities with their business, and there is simply no entrepreneurial strength or motivation to continue. However, there are several tips for staying motivated. Here are a few: 

Always Remember Your Personal Goals 

On days when you feel like you’re all alone in your entrepreneurial journey, it might be a little difficult to remember why you started in the first place. No matter how dark and lonely the experience of an entrepreneur might seem, there is always success in the end. It is good to always remember why you started. 

Each morning, read and reread your goals and business plan. Speak to yourself about where you aim to drive your business and how far you have come. 

Take Needed Rests 

When you feel unmotivated to get up, there is a chance it’s because you have not taken enough rest. Your body needs rest, and if it’s not getting enough of this, it starts to slack and get tired. Fatigue affects the brain, causing lethargy. 

It is easy to see why a student entrepreneur might not have enough time to rest, especially in the final year. With all the complications of business and academics, there simply isn’t enough time. However, there is a way out. You can get help with your assignments, leaving you with enough time to rest. Entrepreneurs ask, “Can I get someone who can write me a research paper before my deadline?” The answer is yes. There are so many platforms where you can hire professional writers to help you with projects. 

With this out of the way, you can create them to sleep and do what’s important. Frequent rests are needed to continue to function in a capacity that brings 100% productivity. 

Break Projects Into Tasks 

As humans, we get easily discouraged when we feel like there’s a huge project ahead of us. This is another reason why you can feel unmotivated. When you have a big project ahead, your brain is triggered by negative thoughts, and you start to get anxious. One way to overcome this is by breaking down huge plans into small tasks that are easy to digest. 

With small, everyday tasks, your brain feels a little more positive and a lot more confident. You will find yourself approaching them with ease. Branding can be a huge project for a new startup, so you might want to break the process down into creating social media accounts, follow and share accounts whose contents are similar to yours, and just take it from there. 

You can always search for free content on Getty images to use for branding to avoid legal issues. It is a gradual process and should be taken slowly. 

Surround Yourself With Like Minds 

It is easy to get discouraged when you’re surrounded by others who have no business venture outside the classroom as a college student. Most times, they want to unwind by watching TV, going to bars, and attending parties. While this is fun once in a while, it can be hard to get back to reality when you’re constantly in their presence. 

Surround yourself with other business owners. They are the right type of crowd to motivate you when you are starting to lose sight of your goals. There’s strength in numbers. 

Partner With Your Brain

Why this might seem like an obvious point, it is surprising how much this is ignored. There are certain times in the day when your brainpower is at a highly functional level, and there are times when it’s the opposite. To successfully maximize each day, you have to know when this happens and flow with it. 

Some people think better in the mornings, from one a.m. — five a.m, while others think better at night. If you get creative in the morning, you can spend your day doing mindless tasks that don’t require much brainpower. 

Remain Organized 

Another reason you might feel unmotivated is that you are swamped, making you feel like you are drowning. You can check out the best educational apps to find software students use to remain organized and on top of their game. With these apps, you can always arrange your schedule. 

When all your events are carefully filed in one of these apps, it’s easy to keep track of them and remember what day you have to do something. This way, you can easily organize your time and feel like everything moves at your own pace. 

Know Limits 

This is simply a tip to keep you in check. You know your body more than anyone else, and you know how hard you have been going. Give your body space to recuperate by knowing when it’s the moment to withdraw. When you make this conscious effort to be healthy and strong, your body will love you for it.  

If you don’t have an assistant, times will come when you feel like you’re about to go under because you do everything yourself. However, there are some times you have to say no. 

Reward Yourself

There’s nothing that makes humans more interested in activity than incentives. If there comes a day when you feel unmotivated to return to the helm, it just might be the moment to reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. You can reward yourself by going out with friends, purchasing that cute bag that has been sitting in your cart for months, a new bike, anything to set the ball rolling. 

You should not wait till you’re unmotivated to do this; it should be done often. As an entrepreneur, you are working harder than your peers, leaving your comfort zone, and combining work with academics. You should show appreciation to yourself once in a while. 


In all things, remember not to rush or overwork yourself. Stay motivated. The best tip for personal motivation is making sure you don’t lose a part of yourself while building your life. As hard as it may seem, you need friendship and personal growth to make your business successful.

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