Using an Agency to Recruit Employees in Norway


From time to time, a business will need to hire new employees. You may need to replace some who moved on or retired. Perhaps your business has grown and you need more help to deal with the larger workload. You may have branched out into a new product or service and need employees experienced in that area. Whatever the reason, in Norway, Scandinavia or anywhere in Europe, using a recruitment agency can be an excellent way to find qualified staff for your business.

The Recruitment Agency

For recruitment in Norway, you could place ads in local newspapers and take applications to review. Then you schedule interviews with the candidates who look promising. This is the old school, most commonly used method. It can be effective, but it does take up a lot of time in screening applicants. Many businesses find it much more expedient to use a recruitment agency to do all of the preliminary screening. It can be quite a time saver and provide quality employees. Here is how it works.

Choose an Agency

Agencies advertise, often in trade publications. This is a good place to look as it is preferable to use an agency that specializes in your field. You can ask other business owners for recommendations. Shop around and find the agency that best suits you. You then provide the agency with all relevant information such as the number of employees you need, the training and experience required as well as salary and benefits. The agency will then create an ad using your job description to compile possible candidates. They may also have people on file that could be a good fit.

The Agency Starts the Screening

The recruitment agency then takes on the task of reviewing applications and choosing prospects to interview. After speaking to the chosen applicants, the employment agency will narrow the search down to the candidates they feel are the best fit. By doing the leg work for you, the agency can save you a lot of time in the hiring process.

Then It’s Up to You

The best candidates will then be referred to your hiring manager, who conducts final interviews. This system is common in Norway and in most industrialized nations. Your business has the final say in who gets hired. You also have the option of going through the process again should you not want to hire any of the candidates. By using the agency, you can cut your interviews down to the minimum, and only speak to prescreened, qualified prospects. 


As with any other aspect of doing business, hiring new employees involves considerable paperwork. There are tax forms, contracts and payroll forms. You may also have an employee handbook that requires new hires to acknowledge and sign for. Recruitment agencies generally take care of all this paperwork. It is then turned over to your office and you can begin the process of training your new employees. 

The Cost

You may be wondering how much it will cost to use a recruitment service. Most agencies charge a percentage of the new employee’s salary. It can range from 25 to 100%. Be sure to check on the fees beforehand. This may seem like a lot. But consider that an agency can help fill your staff quickly, allowing you to continue with business and making money. Many pay for themselves over time.

When you need to hire new employees, the process can be time-consuming. Consider using a recruitment agency to take care of the early parts of the process. A good agency can find quality candidates to fill your positions and allow your business to grow and flourish. 

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