For All The Working Ladies: Self-care Tips That Will Save You Precious Time


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In these busy times, people are focused on work so much, they tend to forget about their own well-being. An occasional holiday is beneficial, but if that is the only time you take to relax and unwind, you risk feeling tired and exhausted all the time. This affects your mood and your look. 

So, our number one tip is – look after yourself! And here are the self-care tips that will improve your mood and save your precious time.


The benefits of meditation are numerous – it reduces stress, teaches you how to handle stressful situations, you will gain emotional balance, and reduce anxiety and depression. Also, it will make you refreshed and more focused on work.

There are various online guides that will teach you how to meditate successfully, but if you can find the time, you can join a meditation or a yoga course. Sharing that experience with other people will make the whole thing even more satisfying. 

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Beauty tips

For many people, maintaining good looks is a matter of self-care. Makeup may be overrated, but it is still there for a reason – it helps us emphasize our best features and gain more self-esteem. If you don’t have time to do your makeup perfectly every day, another life-saving solution for working ladies is permanent makeup. 

Microblading is the most popular eyebrow enhancement method. It is a form of semi-permanent brow tattoo, that gives you impeccably shaped and styled eyebrows with hair strokes that look so natural, it’s hard to tell they are not yours. Microblading is low-maintenance but it requires aftercare. Your microblading artist will give you the aftercare tips and the best microblading products can be found at PhiBrows Shop.

Waking up with perfect brows is everything! You just add a little bit of mascara and you are ready for the day. It is that easy.

Staying Healthy

The problem many working women have to deal with is  – how to stay fit and healthy with no time to exercise and cook? Well, it is not easy, but it is manageable. First of all, any exercise is better than no exercise at all. So if you can go jogging at least on Saturday morning, so, once a week, that is ok. Do it. Thinking that one run per week is not enough is a wrong attitude. As we said, it is better than nothing.

If you don’t feel like going for a run, you can go for a walk. Walking has multiple benefits. So, take your morning coffee to go and drink it while walking instead of sitting at home or in a bar.

When it comes to your eating habits, just make small changes and you will feel as if you have more energy. So, stay away from unhealthy snacks and sweets. When you need a boost of energy while working, a handful of almonds is a good replacement.

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Avoid Social Media

A lot of people spend their free time scrolling down their pages on social media. They do that during relaxation time, while eating, while commuting, basically always.

If you are one of the social media addicts, you should have a detox. Why? Even though that may be your way to relax, but they can be very toxic. So, it is more advisable to enjoy a good book or a tv show. 

Take a Day Off

When you feel you are going to burn out, take a day off. It is a matter of self-care, especially if you work long hours. And, when you decide to do that, don’t go running errands. No. Do something for yourself. Enjoy a full day of doing nothing. Or visit a spa, a hairdresser, or go for a manicure.

If you have the chance, go visit another city. Or go for a picnic, alone or with someone whose company you enjoy. Taking some time to unwind is really important, and it will make you more productive, relaxed, and even healthier. 

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Listen to Podcasts or Audio Books

Podcasts are very popular and you can find a bunch of them online, on any topic that you may be interested in. That will be your way of getting informed, learning something new while going for a walk, or jogging, or commuting.

If you like reading and just can’t find the time to relax with the latest book your friend recommended, check out which audiobooks you can find. You can listen to them in the car while driving to work or again while going for a morning walk. Perfect, isn’t it? 


Different people find different things relaxing. Check out what works best for your and practice that regularly. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, your mind and body will be thankful, and it will show.

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