Smart Tactics to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales Fast


E-commerce is currently evolving more than ever. Self-isolation, quarantine and pandemic living conditions have influenced as many people as possible to turn to online shopping. Now is the right time to do everything in your power to improve the performance of your online business. We have prepared five smart tactics to help you grow your E-commerce sales fast.

1. Implement an omnichannel approach

It should be equally convenient for buyers to choose, pay and receive goods by all available means, and immediately. You need to understand that omnichannel technologies are not created for the convenience of sellers, but for the convenience of customers.

Multichannel is a very useful thing, but it must be implemented wisely.

Nowadays, buyers choose, compare prices, closely study reviews and delivery conditions on the Internet, and only then go to the store to look, touch and try on a thing. Or buy it for a promotion announced on the site.

It often happens that sellers in stores find out about online promotions and sales from the customers themselves, and the product declared on the site does not appear in a particular store or its prices differ from the online offer.

This mismatch between online and offline offerings negates all the costs and efforts of online promotion.

How it works

The omnichannel approach employs all possible means of communication with the customer and greatly facilitates marketing research and sales tactics. For example, free Wi-Fi in a store will not only make life easier for customers, but also allow collecting data on the movement of customers around the hall and optimize the display of goods.

Via Wi-Fi, you can report short-term promotions, send notifications, track preferences and collect a lot of interesting statistics. Electronic price tags will also help with this, if you synchronize them with cash registers at all points of sale.

An analysis of the paths and preferences of users will help develop loyalty programs that will be convenient primarily for customers.

Convenient discount programs will make customers come back to the store again and again.

Connecting ERP services (resource management systems) to a single omnichannel platform will reduce the costs of logistics, accounting and solve a lot of other issues.

2. Plan of sniper ad campaigns

Data Management Platform (DMP) is a data management software platform created for advertising marketing purposes as a tool for identifying the target audience.

With the help of DMP, according to the specified parameters, you can optimize advertising campaigns, conduct research and connect the most effective advertising tools.

You get not just raw data on loyalty cards (they are suitable for total email mailings or work in social networks), but a full-fledged mechanism of synchronization with the target audience.

Using the entered card number, open letter and other actions of the user in the network, you can track preferred purchases and generate data sets for conducting advertising campaigns for certain products.

How it works

For example, if a user has purchased a smartphone, in the future he will receive offers on accessories for this particular model. If a person constantly buys healthy food, he is offered new products and related products, for example, dishes or steamers.

For a more accurate analysis, you can develop your own platform. For example, the specificity of the pet food trade requires a more complete segmentation of the target audience, but it allows for more accurate portraits of users – the choice of a particular food does not depend on the age, gender and online activity of the client, but on the characteristics of purchases for his pet.

3. Don’t forget to work with social media reviews

Most shopping networking sites and online stores are integrated with social media.

It is important not only to create profile groups, to increase the presence and mention of the brand in social media but also to carefully study the reviews and promptly respond to them.

Even if one out of a thousand responses is useful to improve service performance or fix deficiencies, it will pay off.

How it works

To work in social networks, you need to develop special regulations with KPIs for feedback, response and monitoring. For example, we will take a pet food shop again. You would use a special service that would allow customers to find the necessary veterinary service and receive advice on other issues, there is a KPI – to respond to user comments within 20 minutes.

4. Emphasize the uniqueness of each client

Personalization of Big Data-based suggestions depends only on your ingenuity.

You can greet the user by name on the main page of the site and in mailings, or offer him products depending on geolocation and weather conditions. The main thing is to individualize a specific purchase as much as possible.

For this, predictive analytics systems are already being created, which, based on user behavior (purchases, search queries and surfing the web), determine what they may need in the foreseeable future.

How it works

Many retailers and brands have long noticed user cravings for personalization. For example, Nike launched a service for selling sneakers for a unique order; large retailers form kits and sets of goods for a specific user.

You can thank or congratulate your customers by sending them personalised corporate gift boxes. With such attention, the buyer does not feel like a target for annoying advertising, it only increases loyalty.

5. Use all communication channels

Service automation is not only a contact center, where the client will be promptly answered not by a boring robot, but by a friendly consultant, but also by many other channels.

How it works

Customer support should be integrated with social networks and messengers, and the voice communication between operators and customers should be made more informal.

However, communication in online chatbots and answering machines, which receive requests from users around the clock, are irreplaceable. A full-fledged customer service based on CRM systems will allow you to automate processes as much as possible and competently respond to requests in an extremely short time.


As you can see, even in a time that is very favorable for e-commerce, it is not enough to sit idly by. You need to strive to improve your business, listen to your customers and work according to their wishes. Good luck!

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